Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Is Going To Hurt

Warning: healthy-type talk ahead... 

I've got it in my head that today I'm going to work on my upper body at the gym.  

I hate working on my upper body.  It's weak.  Very weak.  Chest presses and shoulder presses hurt, and that's with an unimpressive weight.  Lol. Not that I'm out to lift impressive amounts of wight.  I'm very much NOT. I just want to lose fat and define my muscles a bit, and lifting heavy weights is what it will take.

And let's face it -- to me, a 20 pound dumbbell IS a heavy weight.  I can't curl one yet, though I was up to 15 pounds when things got frantic in May.  It's going to take time and supplementing my protein intake, because my juice probably doesn't provide enough.  So I occasionally snack on raw almonds.  :). 

I've been planning, since Spring Break, to set up a getter gym plan for myself. I just didn't have time to research it until now.  My gym seems to be nearly deserted at 2 in the afternoon, so that may be a great time for me to head there. I love not having to wait on the socializers to finish their conversations around the equipment I need.  

There aren't as many people to potentially stare at me while I drink my juice.  Nobody seemed to even notice it yesterday, though my brother said there might be a problem with my glass jar out on the floor.  I didn't take it on the floor -- just to a table where I sat and enjoyed the energy refill.  Lol. Surely they won't have a problem with me just sitting at a table to drink it. 

Am I a gym rat? Am I loving all the time I get to spend at the gym???  (Other than being fortunate to have all the time I need to spend at the gym... Maybe that's part of the divine plan for me, to have ample time to fix the problem without drugs.)

No.  Not really.  It's just the means to the end of getting me in shape, and it takes longer for results to show on me than other people.  Do I feel that's unfair? Well, heck yes!  But it is what it is, and being in better shape will make me less insulin resistant, though it's a major catch 22 that insulin resistance drops my rate of effectiveness to something like 10% of a normal person.  

Just have to put my head down and do it.

Just do it.  

Don't whine that its unfair, because that won't affect my metabolism anyway.  

Just do it.  Hey, I bet I could find that on a t-shirt someplace, but I really don't feel like its time for me to don shirts with in-your-face mottoes on them yet.  Not while my belly still needs to shrink.  (By the way, THANKS, estrogen, for that! /end sarcasm) Not while I keep getting injured.  I'm not brave enough to wear a tank top just yet.  *sigh*

I've been thinking about hiring a trainer for a little while, but to be honest, I want someone who can coach me in running too.  

PS - If you were wondering how I'm *feeling* physically, with all the juice I'm drinking instead of eating meals, I feel great! Once the headache went away (it was day 6 for me, though most people lose it on day three or four -- I'm migraine prone) I started feeling more healthy, but I was doing a lot of heavy manual labor around the house, so I used all my energy up. *shrug* Now that I've been able to turn the intensity down on THAT, I can feel that I've got more energy and I'm in a much better mood.  Maybe that's someone else's doing, though.  I've always enjoyed spending time with him.  :)

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