Monday, July 8, 2013

Beets, Bones, & The Lady

I made my juices last night, which were heavy on the beets.  I felt guilty because they were just taking up space in my fridge.  Maybe they were frozen in the middle, because my juicer doesn't seem to have handled them well.  My juice was more like a smoothie with chunks and stringy stem pieces (and I didn't juice the overly sandy greens this time.). It was kinda gross in texture, so I strained the juice a few minutes ago to make it drinkable. Beets are not making me happy.  I'm tolerating them. I don't want to buy anymore. Blech.  They completely overpowered everything else in my Carrot Apple Lemon juice. :(

This stuff could be a blood substitute.  I swear that it clotted overnight, and that's just nasty.

I made an appointment with the bone & joint clinic to check out my hips, leg, and feet.  I hope they don't just throw me a pain med prescription. I'm hoping they can do something to repair the problem for me.  It hurts to lie down, stand, walk, run, sit, drive -- I limp for a while when I ride the mower or drive.  Okay, just being a passenger hurts too.  But I've been living with the pain for a few years now, and it got much worse a couple of months ago when I jammed my leg into the socket.

I realize that it might be arthritis. My mother developed it early too, but I don't think she was this young. I just hope they will help me.

My hair is going blonde through no effort of my own.  Actually, I suspect that my silver hair doesn't allow color to stick to it very well for long, and adding the sun and tanning bed.... It's just turning "sun glitzed" as my sister calls it.  It's kinda pretty.  :). Although there is that one area where it's literally turning white already.  I'd be concerned about it if I thought it would hinder me from making men desire me.  Lol. Ah, I'm such a Siren, don't you know that by now? They all flock to me. 

Yeah, moving back to reality, today's Lady of Shalott is sitting at her window in her lonely abode, gazing at the world through the lens of her iPad. Lancelot did appear, but trotted on his way with no word.  If I remember correctly, her name was Elaine, and Lancelot's dalliance with her (before he abandoned her ) left her with a son who became Sir Galahad. So, it's no wonder that hoping to be with Lancelot killed the Lady of Shalott. He was no gentleman.  He stomped all over her heart. No wonder she died.  But she loved him anyway.  Sometimes that happens.

Still, the story gave my favorite painter, John William Waterhouse, a great story to paint and his are some of my favorite paintings ever. :)

I am half-sick of shadows, said the Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott

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