Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cortisone Injection... Ow...

Yesterday I saw an orthopedist about my chronic hip pain.  They took X-rays, and he twisted both of my legs a bit.  I winced.  Then he gave me a cortisone injection in the bursa at the top of my thigh bone.

I won't lie... It hurt quite a bit, but it wasn't the worst injection I've ever had.  The lidocaine he injected first to numb me hurt worse than the steroid shot did.  First there's the sting of the needle going in, then the pressure as it goes in deep, and then the burning pressure from the medicine itself going in.

It left me with an ugly bruise and a bandaid, but that was the worst of it.  I'll say this for the treatment -- I limped all the way into the office after driving for 45 minutes to get there.  When I left, I wasn't limping.  It was probably the lidocaine at that point which did the trick, but I'm happy that the pain just evaporated.  I didn't believe it was possible.  (I also had no faith that the doctor would really try to help me, but I'm thankful to be wrong about him.)

My drive home yesterday was painless as well.  I got out of the car feeling like I was ten years younger, when usually that involves a painful locked-hips feeling and a lot of staggering.

This morning I was able to get out of bed easily, and without my usual sore-hips-stagger that plagues me on waking or getting up from a sitting position.  I even felt like dancing around a bit while I was making my juice. :)

The absence of that pain makes it a little easier today to pinpoint the literal pain in my butt that came out of jamming my leg in May.  The doctor is going to get my MRI from the neurologist that did nothing for the meralgia paresthetica in my thigh.  He suspects I've got an impinged sciatic nerve, more than just an irritated femoral nerve. In any case, at least he's going to look into it.  I'm thankful somebody's willing to try.

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