Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Full Speed Ahead

Yes, I've been awake and in the bed for two hours, thinking.  I need to snap out of it though, because I've got so much to do today.

I've got a dentist appointment today, which is usually painful because the hygienist usually targets the nervy areas under my crowns, and those nerves are very much alive and screaming every time I chew. I'll take some Tylenol to head things off, but if I were smart, I'd take some of my dog's liquid morphine. Lol

I've got to make my juice, because I have eaten twice in two days, without juice, and my abdominal pain has come back with the grinding-glass sensation that I did not miss while on my juice fast. If there was no cleaning mess involved, I might never go back to a solid food diet again.  I don't miss the pain that comes with digestion, especially red meat.

My sister's silverware drawer is rather chaotic, so I'm going to build her a drawer organizer similar to mine, though it will be a bit more complex than mine is because she has a much larger drawer than I do. That'll take a few hours.  

And then I need to work on deglossing the kitchen walls.  Fun, fun.  And laundry.  And grocery shopping.  

I'm glad I took care of my dog's nails yesterday.  They're finally making progress toward becoming shorter.  I found a graphic online which showed how to shorten them without bleeding.  You nip a tiny bit of the nail off, just to the white, each week.  This avoids cutting into the quick, which would bleed and hurt.  This little nip causes the blood supply to recede a little bit away from the tip of the nail.  You trim that tiny bit back every week, and eventually the dog will have comfortably short nails.  So far, I've reduced his from inch-long nails (my fault - I was terrified I'd hurt him) down to about a third of an inch in a couple of months. Since I'm only snipping a tiny bit off each time, it's very quick and he doesn't get scared much anymore while I'm trimming his nails.

Still, he needs a good bath and another round of flea repellant.  I hate the way it smells and how it alters his behavior.  *sigh*

I'm still trying to figure out how to train my sister's Shih Tzu for grooming.  I tried clippers, and he was hostile because he had lots of matting close to his skin which snagged the clippers.  He attacked me, running around and literally biting my back, shoulders, arms, and legs.  The next day, I had more luck with scissors.  As long as I rubbed and petted him, and only occasionally snipped his hair while he was distracted, I could trim a little bit.  My goal is to get rid of the mats so that I can quickly skim him with the clippers and even him up.  He is going to be a maintenance job and a half with that hair of his.  

But he just loved me to bits when I went over yesterday and spent a long time scratching and petting him.  Aha... There is a lovable little fellow in there somewhere which will even allow ME to show him affection.  Maybe I should just stick to dogs.  They're a lot more receptive to love than humans are, though some are nasty bitches and others will bite you if you try to love them

I think if I just pay attention I can come up with plenty of work to fill my vacation time.

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