Monday, July 1, 2013


I'm working on getting the four kittens new homes. I don't know how successful I'll be, because they're pretty wild and I'm not enough of a cat person to make them like people after they've been antagonized by humans messing with them too soon, too often.  (It wasn't me.). 

A friend came to see them yesterday, but she's like me, a bit afraid of hissing and scratching.  I can't blame her for not wanting a cat like that.  I had to catch the kitten with a pillowcase and pet it on my lap for a while, and it still hissed, scratched, and cried when I held it. I keep looking at my bloody knee wondering if I'm going to spend the small bit of my summer break that is left in the hospital with cat scratch fever.  It would be par for the course.

3 weeks of unwanted solitude, wondering what the hell I did to piss off God.  Unanswered prayers.  Seems like the only ones of mine that got answered were along the lines of not getting a speeding ticket when there's no reason I should get one anyway.  I've gotten a ticket before for not stopping at a stop sign when I was stopped long enough to find a tape in my floorboard.  That's when I realized that cops will lie just so they can feel powerful. I don't trust them.  I've known too many not to detect that air of sleaze about them.

I'm sorry, kitties, but all you do is eat, poop and pee on my carport, and get into the mower when I need to mow.  You have no redeemable qualities other than being pretty, and if you can't be sociable enough to be good pets, you're on the way to the Animal Shelter. 

I know what that means.  The shelter is full and they are busily killing lots of sweet dogs and cats who would be wonderful pets for someone.  I'm not even sure I want to keep the mother cat.  She's a pain and not exactly lovable herself. She just eats and stinks up the yard. 

But that's what I get for trying to keep her from freezing and starving to death last winter when she was abandoned.  Someone else to take care of that has nothing but disdain for me.  She doesn't even rub my leg when she's happy.  She rubs something inanimate, like the steps.  

I can learn a few things from these cats.  If a cat just teases affection, you're never going to get the real thing from them.  You're just a means to their end.  You can do all the work to keep them safe, happy, and healthy, and they still won't love you.  If you try to show them that you love them, they'll bite, scratch, and hiss at you until you give up.  And then they just stare at you, wondering why you thought you were worthy of their love, hating you for trying, much like people do.  

I'm giving up on these cats.  They'll probably be killed, especially the one that has trouble walking.  I need to stop worrying what their fate will be because they don't want me anyway.  They just tolerate me providing food.

*. *. *. 

Strike 2 on possible adoptions today.  None of the healthy kittens would allow themselves to be touched.

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