Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Arrangements

With a new cart of laptops coming to my new class this year I'm left with a bit of an arrangement problem.  Where am I going to put that thing, so that it will be easily accessible yet out of my way?  I almost considered moving part of my desk, but then realized that in front of the windows might work best.  After all, there's easy access to power.  

What I'll do about not having a board to write on, I'm not sure.  I think I'll make my own from some shower board and duct tape.  At least I'll be able to pull them down for writing, because the walls are unreachable unless I clamber onto the desktops and over the bookshelves.  

I'd still like to install locks on the cabinets somehow. It's aggravating when kids slam the doors though they have no reason to open them.  Oh, and then they scream when a brown recluse spider comes skittering out after them, though I warned them about the spiders in those dark hatches. Duh, some people never learn.  :). I do wish there was a way to get rid of the spiders though.

Fortunately, some of the menfolk at the school helped me out with my equipment storage issues. The custodians carted the big pieces of engineering equipment away to storage along with the accessories.  (Really, it was a lot of stuff to collect dust.  Quality equipment, but dust magnets.  I finally had to make dust covers.). The principal and a science teacher came to scavenge the bridge building equipment, which removed two large basket carts of pieces out of my way.  ;). Hopefully, they'll find more useful stuff as well among the older pieces such as the wind tunnel and the milling machine that I was never able to play with.  

Unfortunately, it seems that there is a misunderstanding that all tables and furniture that aren't permanently attached should be taken from me.  Uh uh! Not so fast!  I can be more more effectively organized if I don't have to cram everything onto my desktop, and that's my intention.  I may not be a silly woman addicted to buying clothes or shoes, but I need my organizing equipment.

I'm sure I'll still be finding materials that can go to storage or someone else for months to come.  I just don't want to keep storing obsolete equipment where it will be in my way.  I'm in the mood to clean house -- at work, at home, and in my personal life.  It's amazing how something you held onto for so long goes from being treasure to trash with a sudden change in perspective, and you wonder why you kept it for so long.

I'm going to start scanning old documents and manuals through the copier and sending the files to myself via email as PDFs so that I can recycle the paper and get it out of my way as well.  I've got a big file cabinet full of "big save-the-teaching-world" ideas that we've been forced to embrace over the years.  Lol. If only something worked that magically, right? 

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