Thursday, July 4, 2013

Silverware Straight

I decided that yesterday I would create a drawer organizer for my sister's silverware drawer.  She's got BIG drawers. ;) (See what I did there?  Lol. It's not true.  She wears smaller sizes than I do, but tight clothes make me feel claustrophobic anyway.). 

Anyway, it was like solving a little puzzle, and I was amazed that she even has room to store her hand mixer in there. I don't.  I had to throw my hand mixer away.  Well, that was due to one of the beaters getting bent and it was so old the manufacturer doesn't sell replacements for it.  

No worries.  I've got a lovely new KitchenAid Artisan Series stand mixer to use when I need it. Happy Random Housewarming Gift to myself several months ago.  :). 

I was going to freehand the whole design, but then realized I'd be really aggravated dealing with the math on the 3/16" thick board I was using, and the likelihood that doing it that way would kill the geometry I was going for.  It's easier to fly by the seat of your pants when you're dealing with a drawer a third of that size, like mine, yeehaa. 

I Photoshopped it.  Lol. What? You didn't know that you can use Photoshop to draft building plans?  Baby, I've used Photoshop to rearrange my furniture and preview paint colors on my walls! I've used AutoCAD and DesignCAD to do a few things, but once I understood how to manipulate Photoshop for my own purposes, I didn't see any point in using the memory-hogging technical programs anymore.  

I set my grids at 1 inch and the subdivisions at 1/16 inch and then I was on my way.  I measured the big tools for minimum space needed and plotted those in Photoshop. Then all I had to do was move dividers around and resize things when necessary.  

After that, I had to cut and dry-fit all of my pieces with pins.  Things were a bit wobbly to me until I attached the dividers to the bottom.  Now she can pick up the whole organizer from the drawer in one piece if she needs to remove it.  

See, I'm not stupid, though some people probably think I am.  And as for those critical of me for not being bizarrely and artificially "happy" all the time, well, I guess I would have to say I'd really like for them to experience what I've gone through.  Yes, I realize that's equivalent to wishing them decades of physical and emotional pain, but they shouldn't criticize if they can't possibly empathize.  (And if they don't know the facts in the first place.) It takes a heart to do that and I know not everyone has one.  Fortunately, it doesn't require being a child abuse survivor either.  On second thought, stay out of my shoes.  They would hurt you.

I finished this project around two am and decided to return the drawer then.  I did send my sister a text saying that I was coming in to return the drawer, and DON'T SHOOT ME.  Lol. I didn't get shot (sorry!) but her puppy started whining and thumping around in his little crate when he knew it was me.  I had to go pet him, of course.  :). Naturally, I was mindful of any doors that might open behind me with a gun pointing out.  Oddly enough, getting shot by my sister wouldn't be the worst thing that happened to me this week. 

So anyway, here is my finished night's work.  There may not be cobbler's elves, but there is a creative sister behind the scenes, working stealthily in the wee hours of the morning to make someone's life a little easier.

(And then she needs to sleep late the next day.)

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