Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spooky Things

I want to create something.  It's been a long time since I've wanted to do anything creative, because depression is not compatible with creativity.  

What I want to do is make some Halloween sculptures.  Why? It's not like I can put really scary ones in my classroom, and my neighborhood doesn't do anything for Halloween.  Heck, it doesn't do much for Christmas either.  My neighbors would probably burn a cross on my lawn if they knew that I don't have a dime-a-dozen "Christmas Village". It's bad enough that I'm always so down at Christmas that I don't put my tree up anymore.  

I've got a Halloween Village.  I collect Spooky Town buildings and figures, though I admit I like the buildings the best, especially the ones with lights, sounds, and moving effects.  Throw in spooky-themed moving carnival rides, and I'm absolutely fascinated.  I only have a few buildings, a carousel, and a Ferris wheel so far, but thats because I don't have a way to effectively display them.  I guess I need a china cabinet with access to power.  

The fact that I want to make giant, menacing Halloween sculptures suitable for a haunted house just brings up another problem -- lack of space.  I could sell them, maybe, but where would I store them in the meantime? I don't really have a workshop space, so I would have to work on my carport, which isn't secure.  I can see some neighborhood punk messing with my stuff while roaming around after dark.  Unfortunately, the back porch leaks like a sieve now and is full of an overgrown crepe myrtle and a parasitic grapevine that is strangling both the crepe myrtle and my pecan tree.  So I can't work there.

I've been trying to decide whether to keep the crepe myrtle or cut it down for years now, but now I can't use the porch because of it.  *sigh* I guess it's time to find someone with a chainsaw and reclaim my back porch, which has no power or water outlets.  :) Just a wilted ceiling fan that is probably an electrical hazard because nobody was willing to help protect the wiring when I asked them to.  

Still, I want to sculpt something creepy.  If I knew an air-curing medium good for fine details,I could make table sized things, but my forays there were failures.  My work cracked before it was finished, and then it was heavy as a brick. The first time I made a dragon out of Sculpey.  It dried out and cracked before I ever had the chance to oven-cure it.  The next time I was trying to make pumpkin-head figures out of Paper Clay. They were horribly textured, cracked before drying, and the clay didn't want to hold together on the armature.  They would have made great rocks though.  They were so hard and heavy they could have killed a giant.  

So I'm open to suggestions for a good sculpting medium.  I've made one jack o'lantern from homemade paper clay made with joint compound, but the drying stages took days, and I wanted to see something for all of my work.  I'm told I did a good job with it but I was disappointed with the project in many ways.  Getting a satisfying paint color took several tries, the expression is vacant, and it has no personality. It took too darn long to get that small pumpkin finished, you know?  If I'd had space to work, I could have made a dozen, each better than the last.  I also didn't have a steady supply of newspaper.  *sigh*

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