Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unexpected :)

I ran a 5k race this morning for a conference I am volunteering at this week.  I wasn't planning to do the race because of my leg problem, but when my friend said she was going to try despite the pain in her knee, I wanted to run too.  

Even though I'd had no breakfast other than a half quart of beet juice and a pack of ShotBloks before the race, I felt okay, energy-wise.

We started out in the very back and she was hurting enough that we were merely strolling.  It was unsure if she would have to drop out due to the pain in her knew.  Well, at some point she tried jogging, and because we were running without any traffic control, we had to go single file down the road.  My adrenaline got the best of me and I got a little too far ahead of her.  So far that I lost sight of her around the corner and thought she had called her run off.  

So I kept running, and now I feel bad, because she toughed it out through the entire distance, even though she was hurting, and I left her.  Not that me staying with her was any help whatsoever anyway, but I feel like a bad person.  She asked her friends to pray for me last week when I was so newly heartbroken.  I can't ask others to pray for me; it seems so selfish of me, though I don't think it's selfish of other people to ask for themselves.  

I'm sorry, my friend. I got to the point where all I could think about was finishing and getting out of that miserable heat.  I couldn't see you with the corners that we turned, and I didn't see you again until that final stretch at the end of mile two. I'm proud of you for not taking so much as a shortcut or for throwing in the towel.

Wen I got to the first water station, I drank about two swallows of water, and then impulsively poured the rest of my cup over my head and I instantly felt 100% better. (It was 84 degrees and rising, with 54% humidity during the race, and not a cloud was in sight.).  I was glad that I'd worn a tank top, though I was wearing black running capris that probably made me hotter.  Unfortunately , I can't handle running in shorts because my thighs chafe until they're raw, and every pair of shorts I've tried exacerbates that problem by bunching terribly.  At least my capris are comfortable. :)

I ran for quite a while in the gravel on the shoulder of the road, which was comfortably softer than the road, but all the while I was aware of my tendency toward clumsiness.  I was expecting every minute to slide and fall into the broken glass that littered most of the road.  I only stumbled once the whole run. 

A couple of times I had an unexplainable chill come over me, but I didn't suddenly feel the euphoria of an endorphin rush. :). Oh well...  

If it hadn't been for my very slow start and my slowness at the water stations, I might have improved on a previous time, but that wasn't my intention starting out, so it's not a big deal.  And I was just too darn hot anyway.  

Imagine my surprise when I placed second in my division.  I'm sure there were all of 30 people running and I finished near the back.  (And I was sure that most of the women were in their 40s, but I guess not.  Probably 20s and 30s.) Still, it's the first time I've ever placed, and it gave me a little boost that makes me want to keep running. :). Even though nearly everything hurts from my waist down and my inner arms are chafed.  Lol (Probably the t-shirt I wore after my post-run second shower. ). I do love the technical shirt from the race. It feels so soft and comfortable, and I slept in it from 8-12 tonight after I passed out on my hip ice pack.  Hee hee. 

Even though I had a lot of discomfort from my hip and my leg, I didn't have such a hard time physically with this run, other than the stifling heat. Sweat wouldn't stop running into my eyes and I added considerably to my tan,  but it wasn't too bad.

Question: I've only finished one 5k actually with someone.  The others I was alone crossing the finish, either far behind my friends or a little ahead of them.  Are other people upset when they cross alone?  I always have to do my training by myself because nobody else wants to run with me.  I think they're chicken...

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