Saturday, August 24, 2013

Benched Again

I'm sitting on the couch. I'd planned to run 3 miles sometime today or tonight, but my hip is so sore it's telling me no, just sit there and wait for the steroids to soak into the nerve.

I'm not complaining.  I had another cortisone shot in it on Thursday, so of course, it's sore as a result.  No surprise there.  This time the shot wasn't into the bursa (and that hurt like CRAZY!) but into and around my femoral nerve. 

The doctor thinks that as it comes across my hipbone, my femoral nerve is being compressed, which could cause numbness, burning sensation, and knifelike pains down my thigh.  And he ran his hand down my thigh to demonstrate.... in exactly the place where I already have all of those problems.  Aha! Finally I'm being listened to instead of being patted on the hand and being told nothing is wrong but I can get some weight-gain causing pain pills. 

And so.... The cortisone shots.  He did say that if I was feeling a reduction in pain, the shots are doing some good, but if they didn't help enough, he could send me to someone who would sclerose (kill) the nerve, which would leave my leg permanently numb but no longer feeling like it was filled with electrical fire.  

But he understands it might not be a result I'd be willing to have, so I have to weigh the pain vs. numbness issue.  

I need to ask him if fat loss from my hips would help with the compression.  I'm working on losing weight, but I was still very aware of my pudgy hips and belly being exposed for the shots he gave me. (Sorry, I'm just not to the "fitness model bounce a quarter off rock hard flat six pack abs" just yet.  It's going to take me a while longer.  Three years of work haven't been enough for this insulin resistant gal.) 

At least this time his description of the shots feeling like a bee sting was accurate.   Yeah, I was thinking, sure, that's what all doctors and nurses said to me when I was a little girl getting a shot.  "Bee sting" usually meant the worst pain of my little life.  This shot just stung a little bit each time he stuck the needle in.  Nothing like the tear-inducing shot deep down into the bursa last time.  

Maybe my fat bellly wouldn't bother me if he wasn't relatively young (just five years older than me), attractive, and not wearing a wedding band.  But there it is.  My doctor's a cutie.  Lol. And he winked at me several times and teased me. It's probably how he deals with all his patients, so I should stop thinking it means anything and just be glad he's not some crusty old know-it-all with a God complex.  I'm sure the teenage boys with broken arms and legs don't notice the things I did.  

Still, he's cute. Okay, okay, I'm way out of line even thinking along those lines, so I'll quit.

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