Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dangerous Interactions

Yesterday I discovered that when three first days happen together, it's a recipe for likely disaster.  First day of a new class at school, first day of allergy attack, and first day of... Well, it involved Midol.  It's just wrong to have all three first days slam me at once!

The class went fine, but after taking allergy meds AND Midol, my blood sugar started yo-yoing.... badly.  I had my juice, then it (blood sugar) dropped and I started stuttering, shaking, and the jitters generally set in while I gulped some more juice. Hot, sweating anxiety set in.   After about an hour, I felt normal again for a good fifteen minutes before my blood sugar plummeted again, so I had some almonds.  

Normal for 15, then a drop that lasted over an hour.  This happened over and over, all day long.  Juice, almonds, brief normal feeling, then drop.  The world took on a decidedly surreal tinge after the second dip.  I did some pre-emptive explaining to my classes about why I might seem to be acting weird and having a hard time finishing a sentence without stuttering.  I was embarrassed.  Actually, I'm still embarrassed. 

By 5 pm, I decided I was going to have to eat solid food to get things normalized.  So I met my sister at Cracker Barrel, where I ate and bought myself a blouse.  Turns out that I could have bought a smaller size, easily.  I'm still losing... Pounds, inches, I don't really know.  I haven't been keeping track; I've just kept juicing and eating occasionally.  

I can tell you that the undies which I'd outgrown have been pulled back to the front of the drawer to be worn once again.  And those formerly-too-small panties were sagging with intact elastic, down into my pants today, too big for me.  I only share this because it was weird to feel them creeping down on me.  

Furthermore,  I'm wearing pants two sizes smaller, and if I didn't mind form-fitting clothes, I'm probably down three or four pants sizes total.  So, I'm happy about that, of course.  I just get claustrophobic in tight clothes.  (Turtlenecks made me panic as a child, when I couldn't get them off my head.  Okay, I'm still freaked out by the specter of being strangled by a tight neckline.). Down a shirt size as well.  Maybe even my bra size.  I'm thrilled about that.  I've already moved down a size in my running bra.

Tonight I visited my sister and her son came in with fireball whisky and black spiced rum, and asked us to try some.  It wasn't bad, though I've realized that I don't really enjoy spiced rum, or spiced rum and Coke.  

Now I've taken some Benadryl, and it's doing nothing for my stuffy allergic sinuses and nose.  :( Maybe it will at least let me sleep.  Well anyway, if I don't wake up tomorrow and someone finds me dead in my bed, you'll know that it was the three shots plus Benadryl that killed me.  Unfortunately, the pseudo ephedrine in Aleve D Cold & Sinus that clears me up in the daytime also turns me into an insomniac, so I avoid taking it at night.  Besides, it's becoming rather difficulty to buy without being interrogated like a criminal at the pharmacy counter.

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