Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dressing it Up

I went shopping after work today and actually found several clothing items that I liked.  That's a hard thing to do, because not many different styles appeal to me.  Typically, shopping is a hated experience for me.  I'm nervous shopping alone, but recently I did that as well, though I didn't shop for clothes that time.  Well, I'm getting better about it.  Maybe I'm softening up a little after hitting age 40, though I'm still fairly uptight and need to learn to relax.  My first day with students didn't cause me any anxiety or stomachache, after all, and that's something I've suffered from at the beginning of school since I was five years old.  

It went from anxiety & stomachaches every morning I was a student, to not-quite-everyday when I was a college student, to beginnings of school years, evaluation times, and random stressful days as a teacher.  Fear and paranoia.  It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you though.  I was bullied at school and at home.  Even as a teacher, some colleagues thought it would be entertaining to harass me online too.  Why don't I date much?  Well, that's the root of it.  Being a teacher is a lousy way to meet decent single men, too.

Hopefully, I can maintain the anti-anxiety status from here on out. :). If I'm never invited to do any fun things, at least I can have a calm life, right?

I only bought three things shopping, and unfortunately, not a single thing was on sale.  (That total was an owwie!  LOL But I believe the clothes were priced fairly.) However, it looks like they only keep 1 of each size in stock anyway, so it might have been a she-who-hesitates is lost situation.

I'm going back for the purple outfit in a couple of days, so don't you DARE go near it.  :). Purple is my absolute favorite color.  I passionately crave it.  I'd love to have a lavender men's Oxford shirt to wear, but I've got no clue what size I'd wear and I'm not sure I'd be allowed to unwrap the paper around the shirts in the stores that sell them?  I'm scared to try.  :)

Not being a very fashionable person, I'm not exactly a clothes horse, but I do know what I like. Wearing pretty clothes I like just makes me feel happy and confident.

Case in point: I wore an outfit today that I wore on my last date and one of the administrators (female) remarked on my weight loss and how nice I looked in my sexy dress.

Uh oh, red flag.  If she thought the dress was sexy, I might be told I can't wear it to work.  I don't usually wear skirts, so that got me noticed.  It has a v-neck which is fairly prominent, though not exactly low. However, I do have incredible cleavage, and short of wearing a turtleneck or a top buttoned to the neck, it is usually visible.  

I swear, I wasn't trying to look sexy (this time... Maybe I was on my date, but I was wearing heels that night too).  Just professional.  I had sleeves and everything, and my skirt was appropriate length.  I received a lot of compliments on my attire today. Yay! :). One can only hope they were sincere.

Who knows... The neckline may have appeared to be lower because I've lost weight, which probably includes my top half.  That's perfectly fine by me -- the call it "top heavy" for a reason.  Them boobies is HEAVY!

*cough* well, it's true.

I was so tired when I came home that I passed out on the couch. Two hour nap, and what did I see in my dreams?  A gigantic dragon floating overhead that stayed still (looking like it was using the Predator cloaking costume) until I started telling people to look up because .... There's a dragon up there! Ahhhhh!  Lol Then it decided to start breathing fire and kill everybody.  What can I say?  I told them to run or they were going to be roasted by that huge dragon flying overhead, scraping its claws together and making sparks.  What, listen to me? Of course not.  Results -- multi-human flamb√©!

Fortunately, I was the last person the critter had left to kill.... and.... well.... it didn't kill me.  I outsmarted it and ran in the building. :D. I know I could have done that sooner if I hadn't wasted my time warning the idiots outside with me, but whatever.  I was being all selfless an' stuff.

Say what you will about me sharing my dreams when you say you don't remember your own dreams.  For the most part, mine entertain me immensely while they're in progress and when I wake up and remember them, they're often hilarious in the details, especially when I understand what made me dream a certain thing.  :). Mental movies.

I do wish I could just dream myself into Xanth or Phaze / Proton.  Maybe someday someone will realize what a gold mine of movie ideas Piers Anthony has created and make them into great original movies. Originality in entertainment is sorely lacking these days.

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