Sunday, August 18, 2013

Is THAT How It's Supposed To Feel?

I ran this afternoon, and it was my longest distance yet, though I was really cautious about how hard I pushed myself.  3.6 miles, and I'm in the throes of an early season allergy attack.  Aleve D helps in the daytime hours, but Benadryl doesn't, unfortunately.  Maybe I need a double dose? I'll have to try that over the weekend. I'm not willing to risk being unable to wake on a work day. 

Last night the Benadryl was so ineffective that I dreamed my nose was horribly clogged up. And that I was teaching swimming classes in my classroom.  It was vivid, I'll say that much.

I've been coughing, so I didn't want to push myself into a coughing fit or into a wheezy asthma attack. I actually made decent time, under the circumstances.

When I got back to my car at the end of my distance, the nerves on my head got a cool chill that spread down through my shoulders and into my legs and feet.  I went a little lightheaded and unfamiliarly "good" feeling.  Kind of an ooh-whats-that?  I remember the sensation from middle school runs around the football field when I lost all feeling below my waist, but this worried me.

I looked up what an endorphin rush feels like.  Experts say it's the same thing as an orgasm, without the involvement of anything sexual.  So THAT'S why I didn't recognize it!  

*snicker*  ba-dum-bump. Hey, that's not my fault.  I'm just the victim of a relentless tease.  Everybody knows you can't put a normal plant in a dark closet and then expect it to blossom.  It needs love, attention, and a little exposure to light.  I'm not a Christmas cactus that you put in a dark lonely place for six weeks and then out pops a happy mass of blooms.

The dumb thing is that it snuck up on me as I was finishing and then stopped because I did.  So, does this mean that I'll get the runner's high after THAT distance?  Now I understand why a friend of mine told me it suddenly becomes easier for him to run after three miles than before.  

Well, I'll be darned.  Maybe the next time I feel the tingles starting I'll just keep running and see what happens.  I was increasing my mileage anyway.  

Running isn't easy or a lot of fun yet.  I'm hoping that when I'm smaller, I'll enjoy it more.  Right now I have to cling to every tiny good thing anyone says about the improvements they see in my body.  

Today, my sister said she can see my abs developing. There's a line down the middle and the sides are becoming defined.  Still, it's going to take a long time to get rid of my belly.  It makes me wish that I could jus go have liposuction to start seeing obvious results.  

See,  I told you I've got abs.   They're just a bit hidden. :)

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