Saturday, August 31, 2013

Revamping the Baggage

I pulled out the second and third pairs of pants that split in the inner thighs today.  Lol. Yes, I'm amused by that, because I used to wear pants out in the seat or the knees when I was a kid, and now the inner thigh wears threadbare and rips open instead.  

What? People act like someone is wrong with keeping my legs together.  It's a modesty thing. I can't be the ONLY one, surely.    I'm sure I could save my pants by walking with my thighs spread apart like a hoochie, but that's not who I am.  So my thighs rub.  Big deal.  My pants were faded anyway.  ;)

Still, I hate the idea of just throwing them in the trash and wasting that fabric.  A shorts conversion is out of the question, because the tear is far too high and I've never thought that wearing shorts a la Daisy Duke was attractive on any female, even a cute thin one.  

I look on the Internet for ideas and I see a lot of suggestions to make purses or bags out of them.  Bo-ring.  And I have too many bags as it is, much classier looking than anything I could sew from my old faded pants.  Thirty-one... Pretty bags already finished.

Can't use a second dog bed, don't need a wall organizer, and I don't need a black braided rug.  Oh, did I mention all my pants are black?  It simplifies dressing for work.  Sometimes I get really tired of putting together outfits because I have more important things on my mind than clothes.  

I thought maybe an old-fashioned crazy quilt with bright embroidery at the seams.  Maybe a picnic blanket for my car (though I haven't been on a picnic in a decade, even though I enjoy them.)  A vest or waistcoat crazy-pieced and brightly embroidered would be cool, but I don't want to do any real sewing at the moment.  

Speaking of bags, I have a Retro Metro Weekender bag that I have decided will make a lovely "personal item" bag the next time I fly.  Or even just as a weekend bag, which it has already sufficed for.  It has a few small pockets and one zip pocket inside, but I'm itching to modify the inside.  Try as I might, I haven't found any information on the Internet on simple ways to do this, so I'm striking out on my own here.

It's a huge bag inside, and I tend to carry a lot of things which tangle horribly when allowed to tumble loosely.  I like compartments to keep certain things out of the way.  I'm going to add some lightweight mesh pockets of varying sizes so that I can stay better organized without adding additional weight and bulk in the form of separate zipper pouches.

I think that a mesh laundry bag could be cut up for pockets and keep the additions feather-light and fairly inconspicuous. Hidden?  No, of course not.  But definitely unobtrusive.  These will be utility additions, not secret hiding places. If the local Wal-Mart still sold lace fabric, then I could make it look snazzy, but they don't, so I can't.  I could crochet some mesh bags to sew in, but they expand so gorgeously into large round bottomed grocery sacks, and I would like some flat pockets that will make the contents hug the sides of the bag.  

I've already found secret hiding places in my roller suitcases anyway. Unzip the lining to the ugly inner structure of the case, and I have a great place to stash things that I will only need rarely, like a sewing kit, emergency tampons, photocopies of your passport, and flat packs of duct tape.  Snacks that need to be out of sight and out of mind until my return trip.  Flat souvenirs that would otherwise get tangled up with my clothing, which I just want to stay organized, for Pete's sake. I figure that I can stash a list in a front pocket if I need a reminder of what's in there.  

Did I mention that I get aggravated when my luggage is disorganized?  I hate it when i cant find what I've  packed.  My own fault, and I could have avoided tossing the contents to find something stupid, like a charging cord.  I like my luggage organized just so.  I was one of those kids who used to repeatedly rearrange her little cardboard school box the night before the first day of school.  Maybe I'm a little OCD... If everything matches and is perfectly organized, things will go perfectly and keep me a happy little camper... Right?  :). Uh, huh, yeah, sure.  Lol

My suitcases have pull-out handles, and zippers to hide the handles when you don't need them.  Did you know that there's some storage space in there when the handle is out away?  I hid 16 iPods (belonging to the school, during a school trip, because I didn't trust random strangers who might access the room while I was out of it) in that space, with plenty of room for more stuff.  It wouldn't be great if I had to keep extending and stashing the handle, but in a pinch, it was a very useful and non-obvious extra pocket / crawl space.

One of the best things I've discovered about my weekender bag -- it has shoulder-sized handles and metal D rings where a long shoulder strap can be added, or the sides of the bag can be drawn in with the existing hardware., to make it ft under an airplane seat.  And best of all, those shoulder straps enable the bearer to wear the bag, one handle over each shoulder, as a backpack on the spur of the moment.  I don't believe that's advertised as a feature, but when I'm tired and carrying luggage, I don't care if it looks slightly goofy. And I can still argue that it is my purse, even though I don't normally carry a large purse.

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