Monday, September 2, 2013

Random Truths

I'm annoyed by people's misuse of "big" words.  Perhaps even unhinged.  Let's just use our small words and get them right. Why put on airs?

"It's no secret that a liar won't believe in anyone else" - Bono (I think)

I'm smarter than I usually pretend to be, and I've played dumb on many occasions.

I've never cheated on any of my boyfriends, but I've had all but maybe one lie and cheat on me.  Haven't met one yet worth keeping in my life.  

Yep, I've made some mistakes, but I'm not confessing my sins here. Some people I see every day have far worse things to confess. 

There are really psychic people out there!  They've accused me of things I haven't even done... Yet.  Hey, thanks for the ideas.  

You can't turn an insult into a compliment, no matter how much you roll in it.  If you step in dog poo, are you going to prove it doesn't phase you by rolling in that? 

Whenever I give someone a second chance, they usually make me regret it.

I still believe good will triumph over evil, and that happiness may still be found.  I'm kinda dumb like that.

Kids aren't the only ones who cyberbully.  Adults have done it to me on numerous occasions, and I know exactly who they are.  Other than being rotten people, I mean. Want the names?

I regret not taking more photos and videos on my trip to Italy.  :). I know that travelers are not supposed to feel that way, and that I took around 4000 photos, but I still wish I had more. :) I wish I had an assistant to help me finish that book I'm working on too. #victimofperfectionism. Maybe I should set a goal of one page per day, or two pages per week. It won't be just a photo book.  It'll be a diary of my trip.

I've already started packing for my next trip to Europe.  I don't like a last-minute rush. Good planning makes for light packing.  :)

I felt guilty washing my face and brushing my teeth and generally being able to freshen up upon landing in Milan, because most of our group lost their checked luggage.  I felt snubbed when carrying on both my bags was slightly sneered at by some others in our group. I got looked at like I was a bug by one. Keep calm and carry on.  LOL. Because NO, I don't trust anybody anymore, least of all an airline. Lost luggage had already happened to me. 

One particular person is trying to derail my weight loss... I'm not sure why. I would have thought they'd want to be supportive.

The cat is pregnant again.  That tramp gets more action than I do. I don't want any more cats.  I don't really want the ones that have adopted me, but one is pals with my dog.  

I'm thinking of hiring a personal trainer and laying it on his shoulders to get me thinner.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love folk art decorations, orange, rust, and purple, and costumes.

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