Sunday, October 6, 2013

A-Maze-Ing Idea

I guess I'd better get moving.  My first round of Midol finally kicked in and pushed away some of the pain. Oh shut up.  I feel like somebody used my kidneys for a punching bag.  It's the kind of pain that takes over from my sternum to my knees, and you'd better be thankful you don't have to deal with it, especially when it is pointless for me to suffer this.

But anyway, moving on.  

The Discovery Park will have a hedge maze.... In a few years.  I'm guessing if they plant it now, it'll take that long for it to grow.  Oh, to have a magic wand and the talent to use it.  :)

I've had an idea for a maze-related invention for many decades now, but I don't have the technological know how to make it happen, so I won't say what it is here.  On the other hand, I've also thought it would be neat if people could buy prefabricated modular maze building panels to set up and change at will.  A fanciful dream of mine is to run a maze that people could pay to go through, but be unable to cheat, have it weatherproof and sturdy, and have the ability to change it up often so that it would be a continual challenge.  

This all stems from two things: watching The Shining as a child and being amazed by that hedge maze, and then constructing a maze for a mouse to run through for the school science fair in tenth grade.  My mouse got mad at me and bit me.  Oh well, it wasn't an original idea anyway.  Lol

About ten years ago, I had the opportunity to go through a wooden maze on a ranch in Texas.  Another teacher and I gave the students permission to direct us through from their vantage point on a bridge above the maze, but it seemed they were more interested in sending us continually to dead ends when we already had figured out how to get out. They were not happy when we decided to stop playing along and just walk out.  After an hour, I just got tired of being ordered around by giggling children.  Ha Ha .  I've never liked being ordered around, especially by someone who is mean-spirited.  

Still, I think that it might be fun to have something like that set up which would be locally accessible.  I found instructions online for plastic sheet maze walls, and plans which only cost $1000 to create.  Yikes.  For that much money, I would prefer to have something sturdier.  I could see people whipping out knives and laughingly tearing up a lot of hard work.

If only I had a reason to decorate my house for Halloween, I'd build a small maze in my front yard and send kids through to earn their candy.  If I had kids of my own, I'd love to turn one of their classrooms into a maze at their Halloween carnival.  If they still have those around here.  Seems the ultra-religious have taken all the fun out of my favorite holiday.  "Don't trick or treat, we will just give you a bag of candy."  (But going door to door and seeing all the decorations and scares WAS the good part!). "Don't wear scary costumes, that's sinful." (Where does the Bible say that?  )

Still, though I don't know all the details on how to mass-produce a maze kit, I do have a great design idea already.  :) Maybe someday I can see my idea made into reality.  

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