Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dizzily Driving

Last night I did four-plus miles.  Well, I can't actually say that I ran the entire distance, because I did have to take several walk breaks.  (That's why I'm saying I did the miles rather than ran them.)  They weren't long walk breaks -- I allowed myself ten breaths each time to recover and then I started running again. 

So no, I'm not hardcore enough to run my miles nonstop yet, but I keep trying.  :). I think that, if not for my recurrent shin splints, I'd be much further ahead by now.  Hey, I'm dealing with it.  They're getting better.  They've plagued me from junior high, through high school, through my twenties, and I still have to deal with them even when I haven't run for weeks.  

'Tis part of me lot in life. Kinda like dates that never quite happen.  Last night was one of those.  Supposed to go to the movies, and he texted me to say "I'm gonna cancel."  His words, not mine.  Of course, I was invited to come and cheer him up after he got over the snit that made him cancel on me.  Uh, no thanks.  I'm tired of making all of the effort. At least staying home would grant me the company of someone who does love me.  (My dog.)

So to recap yesterday: I graded a ridiculous amount of papers, did four miles, almost passed out behind the wheel, and then had my date cancelled.  

The passing out? Well, I went past an hour of physical activity without refueling, and I wound up with a powdery coating of salt on my skin, so I'm pretty sure I sweated out all of my electrolytes, became dehydrated, and needed to eat.  In hindsight, I should have taken some Margarita Shot Bloks with me.  For the carbs and the salt replacement.  After all, it was 82° just before sunset, with no cool breezes to help.  I really wanted to enjoy a cool autumn afternoon run.  Didn't get it.

I felt fine leaving the park, other than being loopy from being tired.  It was on a straight stretch of the bypass that I realized groggily that I had a lead foot and was speeding.  I looked down and I was almost at 60 in a 45 mph zone.  Rather than being a WHOA! moment, it was more of a zombie like  uuuh? moment.  Corrected that and realized I was dizzy. Convenience store Gatorade, for the win.  A short stop after that and I had a SuperSonic breakfast burrito for my dinner.

Ah, you didn't think my date was actually going to spring for dinner, did you?  Neither did I, though I asked for them to leave the onions off out of consideration for him.  So as I was driving home he sent me the cheesy cancellation text. Oh, how thoughtful.  Especially since he has left me hanging several times before without even the text.  

I swear, I'm about tired of trying to date.

Know who I want to date? A running coach. Yep.  One who doesn't mind pacing a slow chick.

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