Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Running Away

Tonight I ran for the first time in over a week.  It was a rainy afternoon and hardly anyone was at my current favorite running venue when I arrived, because it was 6:40 and the sun had just set.  In just a couple of weeks, it won't matter whether I run in the morning or in the afternoon, because it will be dark too early either way.  *sigh*. 

I'd like someplace interesting to run that's safe, and people to run with.  Oh, to have running trails to choose from.  I enjoyed the coolness of early autumn.  No oppressive heat, a crispness in the air, and the freshness of rain hanging about.  I honestly hoped that it would rain on me.  Not a downpour, but the light rain that just makes the air sparkle.  I wanna sparkle.

Well, in any case, I ran my first mile in under 13 minutes (an improvement for me!) and that included my warmup, walking the monster hill, and a few walks to catch my breath.  I'm still gasping and wheezing when I get out of breath, and loud as a tornado with my breathing.  I guess I just have to accept that I'm going to be loud.  

On the other hand, my pace improved.  :). Must be my new bionic hip.  And not listening to music.  Actually, the 8 days I took off from running I was allowing my latest cortisone shot to work without new inflammation to deal with.  I still don't understand how a shot in a bursa down there on my lower hip can help the pain at the top of my hip, but I suppose it might be an illiotibial band issue. 

I think today I started getting close to the point where I can just abandon myself to enjoying the run.  That's what I want more than anything -- to enjoy running.  To not be tethered down by my weight, my shin splints, the heat, my lack of stamina.  To just RUN and enjoy it.  For a few minutes, I realized that my mind was wandering, thinking about something other than my breathing discomfort, and I went a fair distance just enjoying myself.  :). I loved it.  I was just a thought floating away. 

No sign of endorphins though.  I suspect that I won't hear from them until I can regularly push beyond five miles.  When three miles becomes a breeze, and I'm working on it, five miles shouldn't be a problem. 

Today I only ran two miles, then I took another quarter turn around the path for a cool down.  I didn't want to overdo it my first time back running.  So far, I feel okay, physically.  Emotionally, I feel a little lifted from the Slough of Despond where I was languishing for well over a week.  Maybe that's why I don't feel a rush -- my endorphins are doing all they can to pull me from the depths of depression and there's nothing left for the runner's high.

If it's going to improve my mood, I really need to run before work each day.  A mood boost would definitely help.


  1. I am VERY impressed with your efforts. You have been steadfast in sticking with your goals despite the pain. You'll get there! When Iwas lighter i was jogging/walking and ENJJOYING it. Back to walking for the past few months with a couple of 5ks under my belt and planning to do another soon. Wish you lived here. So many cool places to run!

  2. Thanks! I want to run a marathon someday! My boss tells me I can do one now... I don't quite believe him! Lol

  3. Congrats on the 5ks! I'm registered for three upcoming and planning on one next Saturday night too. :)