Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't Fear the Palette

Tomorrow I'm going to a local oil painting studio to check into classes for myself.  I didn't know there was such a place in town -- my hometown is usually a place devoid of any opportunity to learn visual art. Well, that is, unless you are a child. We do have a few fine art teachers for the kids, but for the adults, not much choice.

Fourteen years ago, I taught myself to paint florals and landscapes from instructional books and practice cards, but there were a few details that I had difficulty with until I attended One Stroke painting certification.  I passed my certification and had a ridiculously fun time that weekend, and finally mastered painting cabbage roses.  I came home and attempted to teach painting classes, but they never quite came together.  I painted several mailboxes, a couple of small murals, various glassware, and several more decorative items, but eventually lost my heart for it because it seemed I was the only one interested in my skills.  (Talent?  Well, I suppose it's possible.  But I don't want to be presumptuous.)

One of the mailboxes I painted for someone.  See? I did nice work once upon a time.  (Blame the crummy Sony camera for the blurriness of the photo.) I believe that I still could, if I had some inspiration. It makes me happy to make pretty things, especially if other people enjoy them and flatter me endlessly about what a great artiste I am.  ;).  

Really, I'm a frustrated wannabe artist seriously lacking in motivation.  And viable workspace.  

Ah, let me clarify something,  I DO NOT WANT TO PAINT ANYTHING ELSE ON CORRUGATED METAL.  Rippled metal makes me cry from frustration.  It just takes such a long time for me to get my feel for rippled metal.  You know?  Well, of course you do.  Lol. 

I'm a bit scared about visiting the studio tomorrow.  What if the other students don't like me?  What if I'm terrible at it?  Egad... What if the TEACHER doesn't like me?  I sound like a five year old, I know.  But what if I'm good at it, or I enjoy it, because the classes are pretty expensive.  Yikes!   Well, it would cost me a lot more to drive to another county IF I can find classes. 

Oil painting... I haven't done that since I was about eleven, and it was a paint-by-numbers of kittens.  :). I ... wish someone had suggested to me that I paint over the lines a little bit, because it LOOKED like a kid painted a printed board.  Hahaha. The things I've learned... Paint over the lines on paint by numbers kits, give people free refills if you're waitressing and hope for a tip, always set multiple wake-up alarms, and don't loan people money unless you can live without them repaying you.  

Still, Bob Ross is my spirit guide, and I might enjoy the class.  On the other hand, if I'm terrible, the teacher will tell me within a month.  Oh, and a bonus: I don't have to know how to draw, and supposedly I will learn along the way, which is great because my skill is kinda sketchy.  

Ha ha ha!  See what I did there?  Ah, you're no fun.  

Actually, I've got a decent skill level for drawing, but I know I could do so much more with some real instruction.  Fear of failure is what makes me hesitate.  Oh, and looking like a total noob in front of people.  If I look at this photo, maybe I'll remember that I am capable of some kind of freehand painting already.


... As usual, the preceding series of typographical errors and bad auto-correction has been brought to you courtesy of ipad 3.

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