Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Math

Make 1 1/2 gallons of Grandmomma's boiled custard recipe, and decant it into jugs for refrigeration, and what do you get?  Almost two and a half gallons of finished custard.  I think my grandmother is having a good laugh up there in Heaven.  :)   Good thing I had several quart jugs to pour it into.

Seriously, it's probably from the bubbles.  No matter what you do, with cooked custard there are always lumps, and I hate lumps. They're just egg protein that clumped together but I prefer a smooth drink. I usually strain them out and let my dog have them when I'm done. 

Last night I ran the whole batch through the blender and it came out smooth and a little bubbly.  Well, the small cup I tasted this morning was smooth, anyway.  It's also light and fluffy, rather than thick and heavy enough it can be eaten with a spoon.  It tastes wonderful, no matter the consistency.  

Now all I need is a dish of my grandmother's Poor Man's Pudding.  :)  Made from leftover buttermilk biscuits rather than stale bread, and absolutely without raisins or you'll incur the disapproval of my brother.  Lol

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