Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dreams and Portents

The new year is just a few days away, and I just realized something.  The year will be 2 14, and my birthday is 2 14. It's the only time in my life such a thing will ever occur.  

I'll be 43, and if you add the digits together, it's 7, which is often a lucky number.  2 goes into 14, 7 times.  

It might be significant.  Maybe it's a sign of a good year to come.  Maybe it's a sign that I should stop believing in signs and understand that numerology is silly.  

Unless of course, you win the lottery.  And that would make me, among other things, build myself a cavernous new house with secret passages to amuse myself and freak out visitors.  Lol

Talk about "winning friends and influencing people," that would make 'em crawl out of the woodwork, wouldn't it? :)

I slept until nearly 2 pm today.  I missed the trash pickup, which just came by a few minutes ago.  I didn't think they would come today / this week.  Our usual pickup day in my neighborhood is Thursday, but there have been Thursdays close to holidays before when they have skipped my poor, declining neighborhood for the week even with trash piled up and waiting near the curb.  The wealthy neighborhoods never have to miss a pickup, and they pay the same for the service as I do.  Anyway, it's not a real problem right now. It might be by next Thursday.  ;)

So... I hadn't meant to fall back asleep when I did.  My dog woke me at 5 am with a gurgle tummy. Nothing happened while he was outside.  At 7, he woke me again, with the same problem.  Again, no results.  At about 10, he wanted out again.  That's when I fell asleep again, unwittingly.

I dreamed that I went back to college.  (I often dream that, with sometimes fantastic and whimsical variations.). I had begged my sister to come with me, because I was nervous about such a big place and thousands of strangers.  As it turned out, there was so much to do and see there, that I forgot my fear and just started enjoying the surroundings.  (Maybe I was dreaming of what Heaven will be like? A place where I can learn anything I want and I'll never have to be afraid again?)

Anyway, it was a warm, sunny day, and people were outside, enjoying themselves in a huge park-like area.  Swimming, playing frisbee, sunbathing, reading, and skateboarding.  (I actually did that because it looked fun and I wasn't worried about getting hurt.  It was more fun than it looked. Ha Ha ha ha.)

We walked around campus and I noticed that the leaves on the trees were lively and bright, in their autumn colors.  They were even piling in small drifts in the ground, but they weren't dead, crunchy, and faded.  They were still vibrant and looked like they were still alive, though separate from their trees.  There were even flowers in the many planters and flowerbeds.  

Several of the buildings had entire sections devoted to different students' educational departments, for them to socialize and study together. There were huge fountains dancing and one of them got me very wet while I was waiting for a security check, but the water wasn't upsetting.  A few different men flirted with me. (BEFORE I ever got wet, if you must know, LOL.) There was even a movie theater on campus with a candy store next to it. (Of course I bought some.  And ate it.  No worries - I just ate one piece of chewy candy. )

I was really surprised that there were so many shops there right there on campus, because there wasn't much when I was an undergrad years ago. Anything I might need was within walking distance, and I knew I would be okay here, all by myself.  Nobody was trying to hurt me by making out with my ex-boyfriend in front of me at every opportunity, no ex-boyfriend trying to make me jealous just for the sake of hurting me. (I had both of those situations forced on me my first year on campus, all the time.) 

No constant underlying feeling of being the gloomy, annoying hanger-on in a group of people who were always someone else's friends.  No worries that I wouldn't be able to afford food or clothes when I needed them, and that I didn't really know how to take care of myself when I was sick, or be sad that nobody came to visit me while I was gone merely one hour away from home.

College was really a lonely time for me, but in this dream it felt like there was the potential for something wonderful to happen, without the worry of loneliness and failure.  The future held great possibilities, and I knew things would be different this time.

When I awoke, I didn't have a headache from sleeping too long. I felt awake, refreshed, and positive.  Restored.  It must have been due to my time in the land of healing stage 4 sleep.  The concept of unhappiness never crossed my mind because I was in such a beautiful place.

So what does it mean? Well, could be a number of things.  

* I was so overtired that my brain devised the Matrix, to keep me down long enough to reboot the system.

* 2014 will be a happy year for me, and I'll start feeling better, possibly complete some goals.

* Maybe I'm going to spend time on a college campus.... Maybe working on an art degree? 

* I'll find some decent light bulbs and finally get able to get some light in my house. :D

* It was a warm-looking sunny day while I was doing my best to emulate Sleeping Beauty, and I could see all that light through my closed eyelids.

Possibilities... If I believe the next year has positive significance, maybe it just could have it after all.  I can't psyche myself into it entirely, so anytime anybody wants to help provide a positive start to the wondermousness, I'm ready.  :)

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