Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finished First Oil Painting

Okay, here's my first oil painting.  I realize it has flaws, but I'm pleased with my results.  I suppose it's a derivative work of the photo I used, which isn't mine, but I obviously had to change a few things from the inspiration piece.  I'm not thrilled with how my fan brush handled the paint -- it felt really sticky to me.  I did like what my teacher showed me to do with the washout areas below the waves though.  

I'm feeling a little trepidation about choosing what to paint next.  Maybe a big tropical flower? I've drawn tropical beach scenes since I was a teenager, but I think the palm fronds and the fan brush would aggravate me too much at this stage.  Lol

Right about now I'm supposed to be at an acrylic painting class, but it was canceled this morning because there weren't enough people.  I was REALLY wanting to paint that particular picture -- I'd been looking forward to it all week.  I know it's just an Afremov ripoff, but I love all of those bright, bold colors, and I don't really like their other samples because they look kitschy and amateurish.  For me -- I mean, I've done craft painting like that for many years already and I want to learn something new.  

Granted, they look perfect for Mommy and Me parties, and I'll never have any business at one of those unless I'm teaching the class myself.  Best wishes to all you parents out there, but I'll never get to be one of you. I've given up on that too.

Maybe they'll offer it again sometime.  Maybe I'll get a set of cheap oils to play with and just follow the free tutorial posted by the artist himself.  All I'll need is a palette knife, after all.  Hahah and a lot of patience to learn the technique, as well as forgiving myself for making a big goopy mess of my canvas.

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