Sunday, December 22, 2013

Learned, Part 2

Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy does wonders for ketchup... And Domino's pizza.  The pizza is improved over the old version, but it ain't all THAT.  

I can oil paint, and though I'm a beginner, my teacher considers me advanced. She has a lot of confidence in me. Lol

Apple's chargers really are dual voltage.  I know a guy who has tested that in China, India, and Poland.  

Twist ties will hold Yorkie bangs... Until said Yorkie feels that there is something in his hair and removes the tie.  Maybe I should continue to French braid his hair and use a twist tie at the end.

Lemon, lime, and ginger will improve the taste of most homemade juices.  Beets will overpower the taste of a quart of juice if you use the whole beet.   Beets are a beautiful shade of purple-red and taste like dirt if you don't peel those suckers. Beets also do interesting things to your bathroom visits, so, though they are great for heart health, they might also cause a heart attack in the bathroom if you forget you ate (or drank) them.

Planting basil around tomatoes really does help to keep pesky insects away.  Maybe I just got lucky, but I didn't have any hornworm problems.  Purple basil is just as tasty as sweet basil in a Caprese salad, and it's pretty, too. :). Basil needs to be harvested OFTEN, or the leaves get big and lose their flavor.  

I learned how to can salsa.  I thought there was this huge mystery to it, but it turns out that it was just another simple craft project for me.  Lol. I made some terrific salsa.  Too bad some people kept the jars. No jars, no salsa for them.  (Y'all know those jars aren't throwaways, right?? And they're not cheap?)

Propping open my carport gate will not lower the water level when my property is flash flooding.  The water just keeps flowing through the gap, a couple of inches deep.  Thank God my house isn't level with the ground! 

I can put large dry erase boards in my classroom (though they will not be provided) simply because Lowes is kind enough to sell the unmounted boards for about $11 each.  I still need a stand to set one on for immediate instructional use, though.  Maybe I can design one from PVC.

Trying to smuggle alcohol on a Carnival cruise rarely works if you try bringing it in a mouthwash or root beer bottle.  On the other hand, if you buy it in port, the guy scanning your bag will tell you to turn it in for storage until the last night.  Furthermore, if you're told to take it over to another table 10 or more feet away, chances are the turn-in guy didn't hear what the other said and you can just walk past him because the first guy will be too busy scanning more bags and telling them to turn in their liquor purchases.  Chances are good that your sister will obey their orders and stop while you just walk past, ensuring stunned hilarity later on.  :)

No matter how well you make your veggie juice, you're never going to get B-12 from it, so that supplement will still be necessary.

Hot flashes really can begin in your 30s for no other reason than you're childless.  (THANKS for that double whammy, btw.). They absolutely suck, but having them in the middle of the night has to be less of a hassle than during the daytime.  At least you can lie there under the ceiling fan in a 68 degree room and cool off again... Eventually.  If you can't sleep through it.  

I've learned that I would rather hand paint an entire sign of specialty text than use Mod Podge again.  If the stretching paper of my print doesn't drive me nuts, the bubbles under the paper will.  Spray adhesive only helped a little bit with this problem, which turned piecing into a nightmare. Maybe my Cricut would be better...

People are actually buying handmade, hand (and arm) knitted, and crocheted items.  My mind is blown.  I can do all of that but I have a dread of being left with a room full of handmades that nobody wants to buy from me.  I gave two afghans as gifts this year.  One to my father (lukewarm reaction, but that may have been a post surgical funk) and one to our Chinese teacher who was really happy to get it.  :).   And now I need to make another round of hats for my nephews.  

I still feel like an utter failure at life.

Reeds, makers of awesome sting-your-throat ginger ale and ginger beer, also makes Butterbeer, which is not available in these parts and too expensive to ship.  Sad face.  A bottle of A&W Cream Soda and an ounce or two of butterscotch schnapps make a really tasty grown up version suitable for making you forget that you can't have the Butterbeer soda.

Canvas drop cloths are wonderful when you have to spray paint something but you don't want to paint your yard, nor get bits of grass stuck to your freshly painted item.  

Foamboard is incredibly useful stuff.  Just look on Pinterest.  I've used it for making fabric storage cubbies, paper racks for my classroom, a doggie gate, drawer organizers, carryall sectioners, storage boxes, photo collages, nightstand organizer, and a bunch of other stuff so incorporated into daily life that I no longer notice.

Venus Embrace? Not a great razor for me.  Maybe five blades is overkill.  Perhaps three would work better.  Five blades skip over a lot...

I can handle darkness at night.  I thrive on it when I'm not tired.  But the grey days of winter, when everything looks dead and most trees are skeletons, depress me horribly and make me feel cold all the time.  Winter cold should have snow to brighten things up.  I need more light!

Juicing makes your stomach shrink, and this is great when you want to eat less anyway.  It supports your willpower. Tell people you are juicing, and they act like you're in a cult.  Lol. (I'm in a cult that consumes raw fruits and veggies for nutrition....ommmmm!  How weird, right?!?).  Tell people you're taking weight loss drugs, and you are their BFF.  ;).  (Those don't really work on me anymore, and they barely did before.). 

Some people will still be your friend even if you can't buy weight loss supplements from them.  Some people only act like your friend when they are trying to make you their customer. You can usually tell which just want to help you and which only want to make money off of you.  You won't be any less lonely when you figure it out.  ;). (I really do wish the pink drink had worked for me, like it does other people.). 

I still want to create awesome playthings for kids. *sigh*. Of all people, I should have had a house full of kids to make things for.  *SIGH*

I can't tell kids in my class sad stories (even fictional, animated stories) or I will sniffle and cry in front of them.  WAHHH!! I can't control it! It's so embarrassing!

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