Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Learned, Part 4

The recipe that makes precisely one pie's worth of pumpkin pie filling at Thanksgiving may leave you with a cup and a half of leftover filling at Christmas. More Christmas math.  Lol. You can just pour it into a small stoneware cooking dish and bake it along with the pie for a crustless pie.  :) Hey, fewer carbs and calories, amirite?  

Kroger carries canning supplies even this late in the year.  They even stock my favorite salsa mix.  (Mrs. Wages' Medium -- make it with apple cider vinegar... It's yummy!)

Other women decide on ponytail styles... I struggle with *containment*.  As in, my ponytail is a failed bondage scene. It just won't submit and stay where it's supposed to.  It's always in my face unless I use hairpins, which does not look pretty.  Besides, hairpins make my head itch the moment I start sweating.  I guess I've learned that my ponytail will never obey.  *sigh*. (Where is Christian Grey when you need him to braid your hair?). I can't get my hair successfully French braided to contain it either.

Buffs are too tight on my head to use for headbands.  Polar Buffs work nicely for making balaclavas.  Fortunately, Buff does make a headband that doesn't squeeze my cranium into a migraine, though said headband is not compatible with my hairstyle.  

Sparkly Soul headbands, while I love their gorgeousness, aren't compatible with my hair either.  They can't go back farther than a couple of inches from the hairline, and I need my headband closer to my ponytail to assist it.  I suppose they're more fashion than form, but I did give them a hearty try.  

My sweat makes me itch.  During my bathroom break last night, my face looked like it was irritated, everywhere it sweated heavily.  I scratched my itchy arm and the marks were bright red compared to the pale rest of me.

All the crunchy leaves in my front yard fit well in my two flowerbeds.  The pulp from my juicing spreads very well over the leaves and disappears quickly.  I'm sheet composting for this year's gardening efforts, all at the same time, and being very green about it. :) 3 birds, one stone. 

I feel awful when I don't eat healthy food.  All the raw veggie juice I've been drinking has turned into a craving.  Right now, I'm thinking sautéed kale with a little bacon and red onion sounds yummy, and I've never been big on green vegetables.  Kale chips turned out to be as yummy as zucchini chips, though I had a hard time finding zucchini locally all year.  

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