Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NYE Owwies...

I'm lying here in bed trying to gently wake myself up after a night of really solid good sleep. About five hours of it in deep sleep, so, yay! So good for me.  I say gently because I'm sore.  Lol. It's cold in the house right now, which is why I'm reluctant to leave the warmth of my comforter.

I'm trying to drink my hot lemon water for day two of my juice fast redux.  I say trying because i don't like hot lemon water, and I know this is cup one of two.  It's not as bad as say, coconut water, but let's face it, I'd really rather have hot chocolate or a latte.

Hot is a relative term, I've discovered.  What one person calls hot is simply very warm to another. I'm pretty sure that when someone says they like hot coffee, they don't mean truly hot.  Just maybe... almost intolerably warm.  I discovered when I was in college that there is a difference between "hot" and HOT!! when I was sick living in the dorm.  I had a terrible sore throat so I made myself some ramen soup.  A raw throat is oh-so-much more heat sensitive than a healthy throat.  What I thought was simply hot soup literally burned the tissues of my throat.  

Funny, I didn't burn my tongue or my mouth, but my throat was scalded.  You know that horrible dessicated and swollen feeling the inside of your mouth gets when you burn it?  That was my throat for a couple of weeks that winter, to make matters so much worse.  I couldn't help it stay moist no matter how much I drank, and I had that scalded feeling 24 hours a day.  Lozenges and candy didn't help either.  I sipped a lot of thin, bland, rather cold soup while it healed because solid food was too painful to swallow and anything salty or spicy tore me up all over again.  

If only I'd known about smoothies and had a blender.  And the money to afford fruit.... A cold strawberry soup would have been lovely and very healing.

Just be careful with warm liquids when your throat is raw, okay? Trust me. Your throat will perceive them as boiling hot if it's irritated by days of coughing already.

I went to the gym and had an old friend who is a certified personal trainer show me some new things and make me lift heavier weights.  I'll be honest... I didn't want to.  I was scared. I got a little flustered when he told me to add more weight.  Lol. But I went up to 70 pounds on leg extensions and 130 on leg presses, and I was folded up like a pretzel for those.  I couldn't keep my thighs from flaring out a bit when I was at the beginning of a rep, because my belly got in the way.  :(. Boo. Oh well.  The more muscle I build on my legs and butt, the easier it will be to burn the fat from my belly. Although... It will never really be easy.  Ha ha ha. 

The only part of me that isn't sore is my calves, which means I need to get myself on the elliptical or the treadmill today. My chest and back are reminding me just how weak they are, and that they want to be stronger.  Luckily for me, DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) won't truly hit me until tomorrow, so today I can feel really positive about what I did yesterday. This isn't too bad, but it's just a hint of what tomorrow will feel like. I dislike being sore, but I know it's necessary to get me from here to there. I don't like what "here" looks like in the mirror or feels like moving around.

Ah, I added some minced ginger to my lemon water and it tastes MUCH better.  (I squished it through my garlic press.  Shortcut! No peeling!  Lol). I wish I'd done that yesterday when I had a headache upon waking.  I took some Tylenol and went back to bed, and a few minutes later it made me sick.  I was lying there, thinking, hang on, I feel nauseated... what the...?  Then the saliva machine turned on and I headed to the bathroom to throw up.  Looks like Tylenol on a truly empty stomach is a problem for me.  I should have had some ginger then.... wherever... that bag of crystallized ginger has gotten off to.... Have you seen it? 

As for New Year's Eve plans... Hm.  Well, I don't have any.  I don't know of anything going on, and I'm not a bar hopper, so I may just spend the evening in my own living room dance club playing Dance Central with several glasses of green veggie juice.  :)

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