Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oils and the Sea

So far, my oil painting lessons are going pretty well, for a beginner.  I'm sure that I will, sooner or later, hate my first effort, but for now, I'm not completely embarrassed for other people to see the painting.  

It's a very colorful seascape, complete with waves tumbling over rocks. The rocks were easy, thanks to the spirit of Bob Ross and numerous videos of his memorialized on YouTube.  At least I could understand what I was doing with the palette knife. :). 

The waves, on the other hand, gave me fits.  I couldn't get a good handle on using a fan brush, though I practiced for about an hour on a practice canvas.  Finally, I just decided, what the heck, and gave it a shot.  It was.... Not bad.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before I left, so proof will have to wait until Tuesday night.  Haha. 

I look around at my classmates' work and wonder, wow, will I ever paint as well as they do? And then they look at what I'm painting and seem shocked that it's only my second lesson.  Well, I'm flattered.  I am.

And I'm awed because these ladies talk about paintings that they have sold.  Sold? Really???  Cool!

Part of me is skeptical and I think they're just being kind and supportive.  Then the other part of me says to stop being so insecure and accept the praise as honestly given.

The real test is walking out of the room and taking a fresh look from a distance.  That's when I realize I'm doing a lot better than I thought. 

And I'm happy with my progress.  :)

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