Friday, December 6, 2013

The Ice Storm Cometh

For the last five days, an ice storm has been predicted for my area. Naturally, everyone went crazy buying bread and milk. Tuesday night, the bread shelves at Kroger were almost depleted. All the name brand bread was gone, but all of the store brand generic bread was plentiful.  "We WILL have our Wonder Bread, but will starve before we eat no-name bread! And we will dunk our bread in the milk." Because that tastes sooo yummy.  

I still don't understand why people insist on having bread and milk during an ice storm. If you lose power, what are you going to make with bread and milk?  You can't even make French toast without an egg. And then of course, you'll need some butter to cook it with, some syrup to pour over it, and maybe even some powdered sugar to sprinkle on top. 

Maybe it's due to my fear of unnatural hormones these days in cows' milk and the fact that I just don't buy bread anymore. Homemade bread is wonderful, but again, I can only eat a little before it goes stale or moldy on my, though I do love making homemade bread.  I wish I had someone special to make it for.  It seems I'm forever on a diet.

I realize that hyping up an approaching winter storm is perhaps a sales ploy so that hardware stores can sell out of their current stock of gasoline powered generators. I am sure that the victims of the last ice storm probably vowed that would never be caught with their pants down again, and generators are not an item that stores keep in high stock in the deep South.  But 13° F in the south is just as cold as 13°F in the north, and few of us can handle having no electricity for weeks at a time.

Canned ravioli.  That's my idea of a sensible ice storm - no power - shelf stable - kind of food to keep. If you get the kind that comes in a ring-pull top, you don't even have to worry about electricity for a can opener. About 10 years ago I abandoned my electric can opener for a manual one that I could put in the dishwasher and sanitize, so I don't even need electricity for that anymore. 

That does NOT mean I would happily go without power.... I'd gripe all the way over to my sister's house next door, lemme tell ya.  And hope she has Cheetos. 

You could also get Beanie Weenies, but I didn't like them until I became an adult. I still don't understand how British people eat beans for breakfast.  Maybe when I go to the UK next summer, I'll have some of their beans for breakfast and understand what the difference is. :)

So yesterday when I got off work, I decided to drive to a local dollar store and pick up some canned ravioli just in case I had no electricity. There was no way I was going to drive as far as Walmart or Kroger, and I knew that they would be like zoos anyway.  There's something about stocking up food for an emergency which puts a desperate, animalistic look in the eyes of some people. 
Traffic told the tale. It had started raining, and the temperature was rapidly dropping.  I was actually in the same parking lot as a grocery store and I could see one across the road from me, but the parking lots were full of cars. My destination was a dollar store because I knew that they would have canned ravioli and most people wouldn't go in there for supplies because they would need real grocery store items that dollar stores don't stock.  

This was an afternoon during which people apparently forgot driving laws, even in the parking lots. One car was zipping through the fire line of the grocery store at better than 40 miles an hour and almost ran over me.  Fortunately, I saw them coming and stopped before I got to that part of the parking lot. They stopped in time and let me cross to the front of the store.  

And the first dollar store was closed with a sign on the door about the registers not working. Well, that was okay because there was another dollar store just across the road, with pretty much the same items in it.  Getting across the road to the other parking lot was an adventure, because people were driving down the highway like they were totally panicked. 

So I went to the other dollar store, and when I walked in I heard the employees of the store in a state of panic themselves.  One was whiningly wondering why all of these people were in the store at the same time.  There must've been 15 people there! (LOL, I know. She should try working in a mall music store on Black Friday if she wants to know what a real crowd looks like.). My shopping a success, I carefully sneaked down the road back to my house, hoping to avoid a collision with another panicked driver. 

I came home and made juice. Three days of juice, so I am sitting here sipping my carrot juice cocktail. I call it that because it contains carrots, celery, cucumbers, apples, ginger, lemon, and oranges, and that's a fairly unwieldy name to wrap your tongue around.  :). My canned pasta is still sitting in its bag because I do have electricity, and I want to keep up my clean eating as long as possible. If I run out of juice and can't drive to the store, then I will eat it.  But I'm loving my juice.

I'm also enjoying an unplanned Friday off work, sitting here on the couch, nestled in my jammies under a cuddly blanket I made, with warm slippers, fake fireplace "roaring", and my dog being adorably affectionate, but most of all, enjoying the bright whiteness emanating through the window from the ice and snow outside. :)

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