Thursday, January 30, 2014

Physical Therapy and Progress

Hopefully, physical therapy will enable me to stay on my feet and be mobile.  I'm glad someone listened about the pain and is trying to help me fix it.  Now I'm in physical therapy three times a week, so here's what I've been doing there for the first two days.

Day 1 - 
discussion of problem and treatment options
heating pads across hips to warm tight muscles up
testing range of motion in both hips ... right side very limited, left side more flexible though limited
... During this, suddenly my numb thigh clicked over into pins and needles -- I felt it happen at the top of my leg (a sudden change with a particular movement he did... Hmm...)
... Aha... I do have nerve impingement, and that might be helped by therapy. It also might be blamed on everything being too tight in my general pelvic region.  Yeah.  Shut up.  I'm sure trampy women don't have this problem, eh?
Ultrasound on both hips to improve blood flow and healing
ballerina-style leg lifts, 20 reps: back, side, front knee up (hip clicked every time, ouch), and a crossed leg lift over the other leg (serious cramps in my rear that made me need to shake it out every 5 counts)
Then... Walking out the door which was more of a surprised stagger because I don't usually give my hips that kind of attention
So tired from that tiny bit of new activity I needed to lie down when I got home.  Either that, or I was trying to fight off a bug.

Day 2 - 
Discussion of my soreness from day one
Heating pads, ultrasound, and all exercises from day one.
I told the therapist about the clicking and he said that indicates a tear rather than minor fraying.  Uh oh.
Work on adductors / abductors by squeezing a ball between knees as hard as I could (20 times), lying on my back, 20 bridges, then 20 clamshells on my back with a resistance band around my knees
7 minutes on the exercise bike.  (Easy... I can do ten miles on the bike with resistance cranked up, though I do stagger when I walk afterward)

My trainer / coach gave me permission to rest from the gym today because I did a workout at physical therapy.  I'll do leg day tomorrow.  I passed out for two hours while chatting this evening.  Oops. I'm just so tired lately. I think the real culprit is the dark and cold winter weather.  Perhaps I'm supposed to hibernate.

On the bright side, my intuition tells me this therapy will help.  The mirror is actually showing me some subtle body differences since getting advice for my training routine: my torso is firmer, my abs are starting to peek through, however slightly, my biceps seem much firmer, and my calves are slimming down but becoming more sculpted.  My butt is getting rounder, lol. (Well, it needed to!). My new boots that were snug around my calves a couple of weeks ago are sliding down often (darn it, that's annoying), and my all of my new pants aren't as snug as they were... Anywhere.  And that's good, but I may have to alter them a bit.  

Still waiting for something positive from my triceps -- I think they're a tiny bit less flabby, but I can't be sure.  My thighs are still the same, but I have a feeling that will start to change with leg pressing 170 pounds.  

It's small progress, but what can one expect in a month?  I'll take it.  As long as I can see improvement, I'll be encouraged.  :)

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