Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sick Day

I can't sleep anymore at the moment.  Mostly my day has been naps between my dog's potty breaks outside.  He's cuddled with me a little bit but mostly, he has been overjoyed that I came back from work this morning and he has enthusiastically demonstrated his love with mostly playfulness... While I was trying to sleep... Though most of his check-ups have been of the cold wet nose and very wet kisses type.  He gives me a lick or pokes me with his nose and then goes to play or nap.  I suppose he is checking for fever.

I thought I had fever, because the last two nights I've awakened burning up every couple of hours.  It felt like fever.  Sometimes I was drenched to my hair with sweat, though last night I was just crazy hot,  I keep the thermostat in the mid 60s at night for better sleeping, but still I threw off all the covers so the ceiling fan could cool me off.  

I used an old fashioned glass mercury thermometer to check my temp, and it never went above 96.8 degrees while I was feeling pretty feverish.  Yes, I know that average normal temperature is 98.6, but my normal temp is 96.8.  So when my temp is 102, I'm feeling the awfulness of what the average person does at 104.  Hello, hallucinations...

Anyway, I thankfully do not have fever right now, though I feel boiling hot in this cold house.  It's been happening at work too; when other people are comfortable, I'm normally a little cold, but the last couple of weeks I've been too hot in similar circumstances.  I've stood in my open fire door in sub-freezing temps feeling like the air outside was a soothing spring day.  It's probably a hormonal thing, though I wish those bouts would restrict themselves to disturbing my sleep and not my waking life.

I went to bed after not wanting much of my dinner last night, and feeling rather queasy. This morning I called and left a message requesting a sub (because I was still nauseated and weak-kneed), and then depressedly assumed I'd better try to go to work anyway, after not getting a response for 20 minutes.  A friend said she would check on that for me.  

Then I thought about why I hadn't gotten a response (from the lady who arranges for subs).  I was feeling the self-minded-ness that a person feeling under the weather typically has, and thought beyond myself for a moment.  Our secretary may have been in the process of getting ready for work, or in the shower.  She may have been driving to work.  In fact, she might have even been trying to call around to get me a sub while I was waiting. (As it turns out, she was already working on it.)  I was being unreasonable and I shouldn't have been so doubtful, but hey, I was feeling bad, and that's when I get really.... Well, like Eeyore.  I was about to text her when she called me back to say she had found someone for me. yay... Thanks.  :)

I'll admit my Eeyore mood isn't helped by the fact that there's a "For Rent" sign next door, and I feel like my sister has abandoned me by moving.  I don't think that's why she moved, of course, but it doesn't hurt any less to see her go.  I seriously doubt I'll ever see much of her anymore.  She has more important things on her mind.

I still had to go to the school to get things ready, though.  I'm sure that when the teacher across from me saw me, he was thinking, yeah, you LOOK sick, but he wasn't that blunt.  The joke was... You're here early... Are you sick?  Yeah, I look rough.  I still feel pretty icky.  I cancelled my painting lesson for today too, and you know that made me sad, but if I have some bug, it wouldn't be right for me to leave my germs in a studio where there are two ladies undergoing cancer treatments.  

My head still aches (at least it isn't migraine-pounding, but this IS day three and nothing is touching it)  I've been sneezing, very tired, gotten a little hoarse, nauseated, possibly low-grade fever, and slightly stuffy / runny nose.  I suspect I've just got a sinus infection and drainage has upset my stomach, but a vaccine-resistant flu is making the rounds locally, so I'm being careful.  

Since I started physical therapy (for my frayed hip labrum and impinged femoral nerve) yesterday, I don't want to have to miss that tomorrow.  I'm so hopeful it will help that I want to give it every chance to work. Simple exercises so far, but boy do they hurt.  I've got awesome flexibility in my left leg, but the right doesn't match.  It would be lovely if I could stop the nerve pain by opening up my hip.  I do wonder why it got so weak and tight in the first place.  (I'm thinking of a dirty joke about the loss of flexibility being due to lack of ... *ahem* activity.)

Today is just to give my ickiness some rest and healing.  I hope my nausea doesn't progress into vomiting though.  I hate doing that so much... 

I don't even want to drink the quart of my favorite homemade veggie-fruit juice in the fridge.  (Carrot, apple, ginger, lemon, orange, cucumber, celery.)  Nothing sounds appealing while I feel this way.  But I'll get better soon, I'm sure of it.

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