Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wake Me Up

It's Sunday, and I'm more tired than I should be after two days of work and two days of rest.  We had three snow days last week, first due to extreme cold and then due to icy roads.  Here in the South, we just aren't equipped for icy roads (because they're rare) or for every child to be dressed for frostbite avoidance while waiting half an hour for the bus. 

I have skipped my last two workouts because I'm so worn out.  Friday after work, I needed "a little nap" and then didn't wake up again for over four hours.  Then I was groggy until I went to sleep for the night.  So Friday night was blown.  Saturday I had a massage which made me need another nap and then I ran out of time trying to get it together for a painting party.

My painting disappointed me.  I think I needed another couple of hours to do it justice.  Right now all I can see are the flaws and that hideous orange I had to mix up, which came out looking like a smear of ketchup and mustard on the palette.  I'm still wondering why there wasn't a premixed orange for us to use, since the painting was so full of it and Blickrylic does come in Chrome Orange, which would have been perfect for tinting.  I would have really liked having some gel medium to create transparency when I wanted it.   

Well, it's hard to translate a palette knife painted oil that took the artist several more hours to create, into student-grade (it makes sense - why spend more money on a test market that you know is going to waste a lot of paint and throw it away?) acrylics with brushes with three or four hours to work.  

Then you have people like me, the overachievers, who want nothing less than to completely recreate the original painting, even with the limitations imposed. I know, I'm being ridiculous about that. If I knew more, I might be able to improvise useful techniques when needed.  Hey, I'm working on it... Though I'm working on it in oils.

I'll bet I come off as really unfriendly while I'm that focused, but I'm not going to stoop to drunkenly humming and singing along with every song that comes on, like that one chick I wanted to kill after the fourth off-key humalong that ruined songs I otherwise enjoyed.  I get focused on my painting, and my worry about how I'm going to make my painting match my vision of it, and I don't have much time to try to get strangers to chat with me from across the room.  Lol. Hey, they never acknowledged my presence until it was time to go, then said they didn't want to stand next to me for the photo because my painting would make theirs look bad.  So there's that. *snicker* True or not?  I don't know.

I like finishing paintings, but I know that to have things just the way I want them, I'll have to just paint at home.  (Which means I probably won't ever get around to it. )

Tired.  Dreadfully tired, and I can't skip another gym day.  My coach tells me I need more protein but I just can't commit to eating meat much right now.  It scares me because of the hormones in the meat and it makes my waistband get tight while my stomach pain comes back with a vengeance.  I think I'll just have to go with protein shakes and juice.  Not having my juice for the last few days has probably made me feel tired, even though I took my b vitamins. I had a lot more energy when I was solely juicing.  

I'm still of the belief that I got hit with a cold or something, and ice managed to fight it off.  I've had a few sneezing fits and lightheadedness, some random coughing, and feeling cold when everyone around me us complaining of heat.  That might explain my fatigue.  

And somebody needs to do all this laundry!  And find a place to put it all.  Honestly, those Closet Maid ads that show a closet costing thousands that only has room for five tops and five bottoms frustrate me.  Are those people all underwear?? Maybe I just need to go though my own closet and donate everything I've passed over recently because I couldn't wear it to work.  Some of that stuff is just out of date.  In my way.  At least purging will buy me time until maybe summer, to remodel my closet.  It wouldn't be the worst thing, either, to get those two unused dressers out of there... Don't know where I'll put them, though.

Aargh.... If I wasn't so tired I'd be fitful and edgy....

It looks like a good day to start sampling some of the items in my Stride Box.  Should be plenty of energy there, though I suspect a jolt of caffeine might help.. It might be time for some really bad espresso..  

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