Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Is 43

So, I turned 43 on Friday... Valentine's Day.  I had a pretty good day, except for that one moment at work when I almost went into rip-your-head-off mode.  Eh, he had it coming... But he didn't get what he deserved from me.  I was calm.

It's funny how kids will gorge themselves on sugar on holidays and it gives them some mistaken sense of bravado, making them believe they are invincible and won't have to answer for their actions.  No matter how much sugar you consume, it will not actually make me afraid of you.  And parents, it's not a show of love for your kids that you stuff them with garbage and then send them to school with a full day's supply of it.  Smart parents give their children smart limits.  Trust me on this.  

Anyway, you give my students sugar, and I promise you I'll give them a physical activity grade and make them run, jump, and maybe even dance (the dancing is always optional because I know how it feels to be forced into that humiliation, but they won't be allowed to sit down and be lazy If they don't participate.).  And you know, I could always load them up with sugar myself, then send your little angels home to you, fully fueled with their supper spoiled.  

Hey, it was your idea...  *evil laugh*

I have no further complaints about how my birthday went, except for the Windoze disaster that hit me later.  That's almost enough to permanently convert me to Macs.  Bloat ware, malware, vanishing Office Suite, confused laptop owner, and BAD Brother installation software and instructions.  I didn't finish fixing it until nearly 2 am.  I was tired, PMSing, and starting to feel very whiny by the time I dropped into bed.  And I smelled bad from being around a bunch of smokers.  

But I came home with half a birthday cake.  In the two days since, I've eaten two pieces and can't quite bring myself to eat any more.  The icing hasn't gotten crispy and air dried yet.  I kinda like it that way.  I think I'm going to freeze most of the cake, though.  I also found a cute top when we ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel.  My family decided, after waiting an hour for seats and another hour for our food, that we will no longer celebrate my birthday at a restaurant on February 14th.  :D. It's a bad night for timely food service, of course.  On the brighter side, the wait staff is far too busy to embarrass the birthday girl with singing.  I'm extremely okay with that.  

Someone sent me a dozen beautiful red roses (and daisies!) at work ... My jaw dropped when they were brought in.  The student who brought them in was grinning hugely (maybe at my expression?).  I'm still at a loss for words for the giver.  Wow... :). 

When it turns out with a happy ending, I'll say more, but it don't want to jinx it.  22 years ago, I had a near-fatal wreck the day after my birthday.  Same guy shocked me with roses.  (Lovely white ones that time.) It wasn't his fault -- I was distracted and pulled out in front of someone going well over the 45 mph speed limit. My fault, but as the police pointed out on the pavement, she was speeding.  He said the gouges in the pavement were caused when her anti-lock brakes locked at a very high speed.  If the impact had been six inches further back, I would have been killed.  I only bumped my elbow when I flinched at the last second from something I only saw with my peripheral vision.  

I was extremely lucky.  And now I remember that almost every time I drive, which is fine.  Old, young, none I've met yet are immortal, and we had best remember that.

For some reason, odd numbers make me uneasy and even numbers don't.  So my age us an odd number in an even year.  (And flip that for next year, and so on.) I'm sure it doesn't matter, but it weirds me out. 

I'm still dealing with the aftermath of my sinus infection / head cold, and I'm thrilled that it didn't turn into a bout of bronchitis for a couple of months.  Either my immune system is strong from all that juicing, or I treated it just right when I realized what was happening.  It started with a near-migraine, though it responded well to sinus meds when nothing else worked.  Advil-D Cold and Sinus in the mornings, and two Benadryl in the evenings and at bedtime.  Plus, Lemon-Ginger-Echinacea juice and pineapple-orange juice that I drank for days.  

Something in all of that helped me.  Maybe it was the combination of it all.  Maybe I just got lucky this one time, and I'm exceedingly grateful.  I still have to deal with the bleeding, crispy dry sinus passages for now, but I can breathe and smell my roses. :)

Now if I can just get some energy back and stop cramping, everything would be skippy.  But you know  I've gotta be under the weather on any three day weekend we might have. Lol

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