Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 3

I've spent the last two days with my (likely) caffeine-withdrawal-induced headache, and today my taper has included twelve ounces of Pepsi, rather than twenty like yesterday.  I'm still a little achy, but here I sit, sipping my green juice for lunch, and I feel a tiny bit more alive.

It's just difficult for me to want to live and thrive when my head is pounding.  

Part of my strategy this time was including half a pineapple in each batch to help with inflammation in my brain.  Plus, it's a lot easier to drink a kale-based juice when it tastes more like pineapple with a hint of kale.  :). I am a little concerned about what I saw recently about kale's goitrogens, but there's not much room for substitution around here.  

I refuse to drink mustard green juice or turnip green juice.  That was a nasty experiment, and I had to hold my breath and chug it.  I guess I'll have to try romaine.  Maybe when the farmer's market opens this year there will be some options.  

Oh, see there?  I just had a little mental perk-up.  It was almost palpable, to be honest.  I guess some of that green goodness is making the rounds through my bloodstream and into my brain.  Yay! 

It's finally springtime and it's pretty outside, though cool.  The weeds are already taking over my yard and mulch, so I guess I need to find time to get that under control.  And build some raised garden beds.  *sigh*  This I wish I had help for.  Oh wait... I have three Earth Boxes.  I should just use those, right?  But what to do for watering in the backyard, where there is no water spigot whatsoever?   A super-long hose? 

There's so much I need to do to my yard, and it would be best if I tackled it before things really begin growing in earnest and the mosquitoes start attacking me at all hours.  

Oh.  A look out the window tells me I'm already too late.  Lovely.  Maybe I can manage to get one small chore finished each day.  

One day to buy mulch.
One day to tear weeds out before spreading mulch. 
One day to prep Earth Boxes.
One day to find a 100 foot hose.
One day to replace the broken hose bib, hopefully with an all-metal one?!?
One day to pick up the remaining pecans.
One day to dig out monkey grass.
One more day on the monkey grass, because I know I'll be tired.
One day to clean the carport again. 
One day to clean the back porch.
One day to plant herbs.
One day to plant veggies.
One day to plant tomatoes.
One day to cut off that massive broken branch from the juniper.
One day to fence in the underside of the shed.
One day to repair the broken hinge on the shed door.
One day to replace the hatch leading under the house.
One day to replace the dead azaleas.
One day for torrential rain, times 25.
One day to truck the trash pile to the front curb.
One day to have a lovely bonfire of sticks that didn't rot over winter.
One day to replace most of the landscaping lights.
One day to try starting the mower, then failing. I suppose I'd better start now.
One day to clean up my car.

I'm already tired.

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