Monday, March 3, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014

Yesterday was a dark and dreary day.  I woke to rain.... Lots of rain.  I remember thinking that the winter storm warning was bogus.  "Well, there goes THAT, because if it's raining, it's too warm for frozen precipitation."  

I mean, really, in two weeks we have our one week of Spring Break. *Whiiiine... It used to be two weeks....* 

I remember going to Opryland during Spring Break when I was in college, and we spent the day running from shop to shop inside the park, looking for any place with heat. It was COLD that day. Indoor rides were the order of the day and water rides were... Not so appealing. 

As it turned out, it was the last time I would get to go before they closed Opryland forever, to turn the parking lot into a shopping mall.  Because we just flat out NEED more shopping malls, right?  I had big plans back then for taking my nieces and nephews to Opryland during Spring Break while their parents were working.  *sigh*

Opryland was awesome. Then they closed it.  Then Libertyland was closed, and now there is nothing within a four hour drive of here.  Oh well.  I'm too old to be allowed to enjoy childish delights like amusement parks, right?  Darn it, I'm fighting that idea.  There's still Six Flags St. Louis and Holiday World.

I thought Holiday World would be a small-time park.  It's not. It's an INCREDIBLE amusement park, and you get free drinks.  Huge water park within the property, with great big rides. Family owned still, with a cozy family feel.  You should go if you get the chance. Santa Claus, Indiana. Really!

So the rain poured down yesterday, and by three pm the temperature dropped and it started sleeting.  It hadn't stopped sleeting by 1 am, and I was able to scoop up several inches of frozen stuff that would  make perfect sno cones.  Late last night I saw someone running a redneck tow, pushing an SUV up the very slippery street with a pickup truck.  I suppose the SUV driver needed help getting to a third shift job, poor thing.  

Let me repeat: we received several inches of granulated ice in top of rain.  And then we got a light dusting of very powdery snow on top of it all -- the kind that blows up in the wind and impedes visibility.  Basically, a lot of Tennessee is in an official state of emergency declared by our governor, and there is no school today.  I'm betting there will be no school tomorrow, either.  Even our interstate is so covered by thick whiteness that it looks like a country road in the photos I've seen.  The snowplow is apparently hard put to the task.

Snow plow???  I didn't know we had *A* snowplow!!  Honestly, it's a once or twice a year needed vehicle, and that's in a rare year.  But today, the plow, she's a'strugglin'. People are being asked to stay home and even the 24 hour Wal-Mart had to close last night.  Hopefully, it's closed today, though I doubt it is. It's not worth it to risk anyone's life to work today, but I know that a lot of people still had to go in, even though the town is basically shut down.  I have a 4WD vehicle, and I'm keeping my bootie home. ... and I hope no emergencies call me out on the road. If Dad needs me, I will go... But of course I'm roughing it until then.  If I run low on food, I'll just be roughing it.  Hopefully my heat will still work.

It's more of an Icemageddon than Snowmageddon, but it's our little American joke when southern towns freak out over the threat of a little snow and strip stores bare of milk and bread.  What the heck are you gonna make with that, anyway? French Toast? Milk sandwiches? Milksop?

What do snow days say to me, food wise?  Hot tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Snow Ice Cream (though sno cones are more appropriate this time). Homemade chili and soup.  Hot, freshly baked homemade bread.  Gooey fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Hot chocolate.  Ice storm with no power? Canned ravioli.  At least you can eat those cold.  Lol.   

Another yummy treat: A lovely caramel latte. A caveat -- you can't make a tasty latte with almond milk.  Yech! Just -- no. It doesn't work at all.  Kinda chemical tasting. Next time I'll just make coffee with a packet of instant hot chocolate included.

News flash! My street was just visited by THE snow plow!  And... It's snowing again.  Lol. Note: the street doesn't look any different than it did before the blade passed over it. 

To sum up my feelings about the weather: 
I don't want it to be cold but I love the relative quietness outside.
The darkness yesterday was so depressing that today's insane bright-whiteness has me in a much better mood.
It would be great to "get something done" around the house today, but there's not enough time to really make a difference unless I'm off work tomorrow too.  
I saw the sun today and the glare on the icy blanket outside made me feel like a vampire about to burst into flames! Lol
I'm too old, unequipped, and in a poor location for it, but I really want to go sledding.  *sigh*.  *Wistful moment of wishing for childhood again*. I had zero freedom or control over my own life or body, but I knew how to play.  :)

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