Saturday, March 29, 2014

Travel Planning

I am still lazily getting ready for my UK trip.  I'm waiting on a couple of travel tops to arrive and seriously considering just taking three or four tops, at the most.  My plan is to do laundry as I go, with overnight-drying fabrics. (Don't worry, the tops were VERY expensive and highly recommended, but I lucked out and caught them on sale. ). I'll probably buy myself a t-shirt or two while I'm there anyway, and it won't hurt to wear them.  I might as well.  

I'll need more room in my bags for souvenirs, anyway.  Undies and raggedy socks will be tossed, and I'll likely only bring three pairs of stretchy pants anyway.  They're lightweight and just plain comfy, but they look a lot like jeans.  All the travel tips say to mix and match a few tops and bottoms, and that's what I'll do.  I'm not worrying about catching any man's eye, anyway, because my fella will be waiting on me at home.  :).  I just want to look classy and comfortable. I might even wear a colorful scarf to dress myself up a bit, who knows?  They say that in Paris, understated is vest in clothing.  Don't look like a tacky tourist.  Well, my feet may mark me in my running shoes, but I've gotta keep them happy.

I did buy a cute little travel curling iron to take, because these days my hair tumbles down below my shoulders and it needs a little curl to perk it up.  I could probably travel just fine with my shoulder bag and my weekend suitcase (it's much smaller than even my small carryon), but I want to gave room for gifts.  I'm going to Ireland, so it's possible I may bring back some Irish whiskey, and I'll need a sturdy bag to check for that.

In case you were wondering, it's better for me to think about planning for my trip than to have an anxiety-filled flurry of packing the night before I go.  And I'd rather have my mind off things that have caused me so much stress and heartbreak lately.  It's simply a pleasant diversion.  When the unexpected happens, I handle it calmly because all of the trivial travel tips living in my brain have already eased the way.  Less to worry about, you see.

I'm looking forward to the food.  :) The Renaissance Heathrow has done that....oh, their food was excellent. :). While I'm still not sold on the idea of black pudding or beans for breakfast, the UK's idea of food is likely the source of the home cooking I've been used to all my life, only better. Hopefully, we'll get to try a lot of different things.  Even if I'm the only one, I'm going to look for Murphy's Ice Cream while we're in Dublin.  I hear that it's quite a treat.  

Currently, I'm researching trivia, as I should have before the Italy trip two years ago.  I completely missed out on the Hannibal references when I was in Florence, and we didn't know at the time that we could have gone to the roof of the Duomo for free.  I'd also forgotten the scenes from A Room With A View that were filmed in that piazza with the replica of David.  Ah, next time I'll do it justice.  :)

Our flight leaving the US for Shannon will be at nearly midnight... And they're going to serve dinner.  So I'm pretty sure that I will be eating an airport dinner at JFK and if I'm still awake, I might eat some of my in-flight meal as a snack.  Yes, I think about these things because my blood sugar drops if I don't eat regularly, and it makes me either anxiety ridden and panicky or increasingly irritable and hard to deal with.  So I tend to plan ahead.  It'll help, with a five hour layover at JFK, to know where interesting shops might be, too.  Yup, I'm geeky like that.  

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