Monday, April 28, 2014

Hip Socket Injection

No adverse effects from the cortisone shot into my hip socket except for one -- My face is as white as a ghost.  O.O

Little chance of any problems - I thrilled the nurse by being 43 and on absolutely NO prescription drugs.  I guess that's unusual? So tell the insurance company to get off my back, eh?  

What did it feel like? A very tiny sting from the local, and weird pressure inside the front of my thigh.  He put the injection into the socket somewhere near the femoral head and neck.  There's a suspicion that my problem is the iliopsoas.   Hey, I don't care, as long as it's treatable.

Maybe this treatment will lead someplace useful.  I know they're shooting in the proverbial dark, not having stuck a camera inside my hip to take a look.  Hopefully that won't be necessary.  My doctor told me he's just trying conservative treatment options in the hope that a less-invasive approach might work.

On the brighter side, I did get to see the end of my right femur and the socket it lives in, along with something that looked like a flap protruding from the socket.  Here there be troublesome torn cartilage that resulted from me trying to keep pace with faster runners and an inadequate warmup.  But how does one warm up the inside of the hip, anyway, without using up the energy for the race.

I'm sad because I currently have no desire to participate in any races.  I'm tired all the time and I've lost so much ground on my training (it seems useless at this point and I'm very discouraged) that exercising is a struggle.  

*sigh*. :(

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