Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paranoia Begins Anew

My trip to Europe is comng soon, and now I'm having travel paranoia dreams.  It's a little splinter in my psyche, I'll admit, and the most likely reason that I started packing for this trip nearly two years ago.  Lemme 'splain... I keep all my just-for-travel stuff, such as my travel brush and toothbrush, and tiny shampoo bottles, in my luggage so that I don't have to hunt for it when I need it.  I used to be an over packer, but now I try to keep things to the minimum, plus a few comfort items.

When people wait until the last minute to pack, they tend to pack a lot of just-in-case items that just become dead weight.  A little forethought makes for a better situation. 

Last night I dreamed that I was walking around outside of my hotel, and when I returned, everybody in my tour group was loading up the bus to leave, and I still needed to shower and eat my breakfast.  Ha ha Ha ha ha. So I was screaming "Ahhhh!!!" as I ran to my room and began throwing everything into my bags, with the threat of being abandoned at the front of my mind.  

When I woke, I had an aching neck.  Maybe it was the tension of the dream.  Maybe it was the wine I drank last night while watching Hannibal. Maybe it was the contortions I had to perform to see the TV while my Yorkie stayed in my face most of the time, and in my way.  Maybe my discomfort was due to the fact that he was stretched horizontally across more than half of the bed all night and I was rather squished in place.

Eating during Hannibal is nauseating, so don't try it.  I'm just glad there is no smell-o-vision yet.  Like high-def and 3D, I will have to politely decline.  

When I was a kid, I was thrilled by the prospect of 3D movies and TV.  I've discovered that high-definition programming does not enhance my viewing -- it makes me try to pay attention to literally everything that is in focus.  Using depth-of-filed to blur backgrounds a la old fashioned standard TV makes viewing more passive for me.  Modern 3D movies, I discovered while watching Avatar, simply exhaust me.  With all that realism, my brain tells me to move right along with the action of the movie, and I'm worn out after watching.  I also have objections to paying an extra-high price for a 3D movie,  being handed glasses to wear, and THEN being told I'm expected to give the glasses back so that they can be reused.  No, I'm pretty sure I paid for them, and I don't feel like a thief for taking them with me.  It's ridiculous and I just don't think it's worth the money.  

And another thing -- I don't like the implication at the glasses I'm using were previously on someone else's germy face.  They could have just about any communicable disease which might still be teeming on that plastic.  Gross.  Just nasty.

On the brighter side of things, it's a warm, sunny day outside and my yard is filled with purple and white weed flowers.  They're lovely, and look like tiny violets.  There is also nothing I can to to get rid of them.  I suppose I'll mow the yard today, in any case.  That sudden storm we had yesterday (it looked like a tornado enroute to me) soaked the ground, but I have a feeling I should try to knock down the weed height anyway, before it gets out of control.  I still have tall tomato stakes driven into my side yard because the renters next door seem determined to tear through my yard for their convenience.  My brother said he would help me build some decorative corner fence things to discourage more property damage. (Some day... * sigh* Curb appeal isn't a bad thing and the property certainly needs some. 

For now, the stakes will have to suffice.  Or maybe I will have to make this a first, learning carpentry project.  I'd rather not learn by making every costly mistake the first time, but I may not have a choice if he is too busy to help me. 

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