Monday, June 2, 2014

It's One of Those Days

One of those days when the house is hot because the AC isn't working and I'm living in front of an oscillating fan.  I'm living on a survival dosage of iron because I'm no longer a woman in denial of what my femininity is doing monthly to my health.  LOL. Plus a B-Complex and additional B-12 to give me energy by rebuilding my red blood cell supply.  I've watered down my pomegranate-blueberry sweet potato juice to cut my sugar intake and boost my water intake.  As you do.  :) (Tropicana Farmstand). 

I'm going to search out the juice bar at JFK Airport and hopefully enjoy some fresh juice on my five hour layover, because the bottled stuff doesn't taste alive or healthy like freshly made, unpasteurized juice does. It would be lovely if they could put it in a bottle for me, but I bet it will come in a cup. 

I'm hoping my supply of Midol outlasts the need for it this week.  Ha ha ha !  I'm hoping things go well for those in painful situations.  *sigh*

Right now, I'd love it if my neck stopped hurting. That's just not cool.  My cracked rib finally stopped killing me, and now my neck starts nagging.  Go figure.  But that's okay, because right now I'm in paralyzed-by-indecision anxiety mode.  It's not crippling... I just can't decide what step to take next, so I'm accomplishing nothing but sitting in front of the fan.

I have created courses on iTunes U. Oh my gosh.  It's really cool! And of course, right after setting up some coursework for my students, the next thing I thought about was ways to use it in other areas of my life.  :). Sometimes we have to sit through useless, boring INSERVICE sessions as teachers.  I can say that nothing I sat through last week was useless.  What's more, I can see how I can use those skills to make myself feel less useless as a person in general.  I know stuff!  I can share it, if anyone is interested.  

Speaking of feeling more useful... I need to start by making some clothing alterations.  Two of my tops need bra strap capture loops.  Yes, it's a thing, and it will hopefully help hide my sinful, wicked bra straps.  What a horrible thing for the world to have confirmation that I wear a bra.  I'm sure they never suspected!

And... Cue the anxiety attack.  *sigh* 

I'm going to attempt to derail it with a shower, some industry, and S3 E1 of Sherlock.  My, wasn't that a dashing way to make an impression on a girl? Never mind that physics wouldn't allow what he did.  Lol

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