Saturday, June 21, 2014

Listerine for Softer Feet?

Last night I decided to try out a currently popular solution to dry, calloused feet.  

The directions say to use half Listerine and half vinegar, and soak your feet in this mixture for anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour.  And then, voila! The dead skin will pretty much rub off your feet with a soft washcloth. And you will be left with "feet as soft as a baby's".

Well, I tried the toughest version of the instructions, opting for a cup of gold Listerine (people report that  green and blue stain their feet and toenails - no thanks!), a cup of white vinegar, and a cup of warm water in a plastic dishpan bought solely for this purpose.  I soaked for 30 minutes, and when I was done...

The soaking solution looked pretty murky and I could see a few small skin flakes in it, but nothing more.  The dead skin didn't rub off my feet with a cloth.  In fact, the brand new pumice stone I used required quite a bit of force to scrub my calloused spots, equal to the force I've always used scrubbing with a pumice stone.  

Go figure.  

The pumice stone did become weirdly gummed up with flesh-colored ick, so I presume it was the result of being softened by the chemicals. However, I truly believe that a soak in plain warm soapy water would have had the same foot softening results.  

Not that I'm covered over with foot crustiness,  but I had a couple of stubborn spots that caused blisters from pressure on them while I was traveling last week.  I really wanted to reduce the size of my toe callouses too, though they aren't obvious looking at my feet.  It's just the thought that bothers me.

I bught my supplies for this little venture at Dollar Tree, so the total cost was $3.10.  I can always use the pan to soak my feet again (I didn't have anything for that before) and I could use the rest of the Listerine for the intended purpose, as well as the pedicure set I bought for the pumice stone.  Still, I consider it a waste of money because it didn't work, and my feet aren't even neglected.  Just occasionally abused...

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