Sunday, June 1, 2014

Waiting For the Thaw

So, yeah.  I'm sitting here on my couch, waiting for the ice to melt.  What ice?  Oh, that would be the ice on my central unit.  It has frozen up again.  Specifically, the condenser has frozen over.  It's 79° Inside my house, and beginning to get a wee bit uncomfortable.  I may have to resort to recreational cold showers before long.  

Right now, it's ok.  It's only 81° outside, though I know that temperature is scheduled to rise about ten more degrees by sunset.  As long as my Midol keeps working and I don't get nauseated, AND my dog doesn't overheat, things might be tolerable.  :). Hopefully it will be warm enough to melt the ice so I can use my AC again.  Sparingly.  Until I can get it fixed.  Again.  It's probably a refrigerant leak.  The first guy could never find the leak.  I have higher hopes for the last guy who DID manage to find and repair the problem with my central heat. Hey, when you live in the southern US, where temps often reach over 100° In the summertime, central AC isn't a luxury anymore.  It's a necessity.  

Last night I bought an oscillating pedestal fan because I'm worried about my dog.  He has long hair, but so far he hasn't been panting inside.  He still burrowed under the covers this morning to get out of the wind from the fan and the ceiling fan.  Spritzing the sheets with water didn't really help, but I slept in a wet t-shirt and got a bit chilled at one point.  Better cold than hot, right now, eh?

I've been practice-packing for my trip to Ireland this summer.  Well, I can't say just Ireland, because I'm going to other countries.  I can't say the UK, because Ireland isn't in the UK.  And neither is Paris.  :D What to call it?  Ok, it's the Ireland trip, along with Wales, London, and Paris.  I read that one hotel, the Hand Hotel in Llangollen, Wales, is haunted.  Ah, good times.  I wonder if I'll see or hear anything, like the reported organ music or the woman who died in childbirth there.  Maybe I'll dream about my mother or my grandmother.  I usually do, when I'm feeling spooky things.  Of course, I'm not going to tell anybody I'm traveling with that the hotel is haunted... Until after we leave.  :). People tend to sleep better when they don't hear ghost stories. Lol. Suggestion is very powerful.

Oh, the packing.  I'm going to try rolling my clothes this time.  Last time I bundle-wrapped them, and my  suitcase was a huge mess when I had to take the first top out of the stack.  I've practiced rolling, and it seemed to take a lot less room than bundling.  I could also grab individual items as needed.  I can't say that the wrinkle likelihood is lower with rolling, but let's face it -- there will always be wrinkles, and I will not obsess over them.  I'm taking an empty spray bottle (a 2 ounce one), so I can spritz my face in-flight as well as my wrinkled clothes.  Oh gee, I'd hate for anyone to mistake me for a tourist, right?  ;). 

I seriously doubt I'll be mistaken for a local with my yard-mowing tan.  

I'm going to take a huge risk and pull my saline solution out of my 3-1-1 bag because it is a medically necessary liquid for me, and I need that tiny bit of space for a couple of other things.  I just hope I don't run into a TSA agent who causes me a problem about that.  I can't go about my day in my migraine-causing glasses.  They are only for short-term situations.  

Here's how I pack: when I know I'm going somewhere, I start putting things into my bag that I know I'll need on the trip, sometimes as early as a year and a half before the trip.  I keep a packing list.  I try to keep things as condensed as possible, but still I catch myself trying to add "just in case" items that will just be dead weight.  For example: I know I have a windbreaker at work, and a windbreaker that folds into a pouch somewhere here at home.  I keep trying to rationalize taking one of them with me (the pouch one I can't find right now), even though I know I'm taking a very cuddly hoodie with many pockets.  Still, there's that overwhelming need to pack the windbreaker.  I'm fighting it.  I know it isn't necessary. 

I want to take a grocery cart full of snacks, which is silly. I know the food will be great, and they have shops to buy snacks in if mealtimes are inconvenient and my blood sugar drops.  I won't need a snack every day. Still, I've gotta fight the impulse. Lol

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