Friday, July 18, 2014

Not-So-Haute Couture

I came across instructions for sewing simple skirts and I've started considering making my own clothes again.  Granted, I haven't done if in a few years and my experiences have been mixed, but there's something very satisfying about wearing something made just for you.

As long as it looks sharp and is completely flattering, of course.

One of the crazier things I've seen has been skirts made from fat quarters. I only say it's crazy because I don't know if I'm daring enough to wear something that wild looking.  I love them because they are bold, bright, and lusciously patterned.  I have a small collection of batik fat quarters that have, until now, seemed destined as nothing but mini-bolt decorations for my studio.  I would love to put them to use.  Heck, I'd love to have a garment made of any one of those fabrics.

Yes, I'm a tie-dye fan.  The bigger the rainbow involved, the better.  Maybe I should be living in Hawaii?

My give-a-damn about making my own clothes is sadly, not broken.  I have no doubt several of my coworkers will cut me to shreds over anything I wear, as they already do about the fact that I have a limited and plain wardrobe, and don't slavishly follow the current trends.  (I've got a small closet and I don't feel like wasting my money for one year's wear.) 

For example: the chevron trend.  Not so flattering for most adults to wear, but wear it they do.  Because it's "in".  I refuse to wear it, if for no other reasons than I think it's tacky and would make me look huge.  Another trend is beginning that I don't understand... Extra-long bloomers with ruffles at the bottom.  Like Charo, Ms. Hootchie-Kootchie girl from the 70s.  Why??  I don't know.  Someone pronounced it cute and the women just line up to buy it.  

Not this woman.  I don't think I could sleep in that without laughing.  

There's so much heard of "Oh, what a cute outfit!" That really means, "you have blindly jumped on the latest trend bandwagon, therefore I approve of you!"  Today's trend is so often tomorrow's joke.  I prefer to dress in more conservative styles.

Soon we will have a Jo-Ann's Fabrics in town, and I want to make myself some clothes.  They will be less expensive and finally, perfectly suited in color to please me.  I've tailored my own clothes a bit before with t-shirts I've painted and re shaped for my body.  Everything else, well, it was made from scratch for me only, so I guess that would make it couture of a sort.  I've made dresses, tops, pants, shorts, hats, bow ties, jumpers, costumes, quilts, and vests.  Well, if you include knitting and crochet, it expands to mittens, gloves, leg warmers (lol), hats, scarves... What am I so worried about? I do know how to sew.  Lol. I've even put in... *gasp!* zippers!

Maybe I'll get inspired once more.  

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