Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gotta Get Some Wood

I attended my class reunion this weekend... More about that later.  ;)

Anyway, I think it's about time for me to build something else.  I figure that if I start by building boxlike or boxesque (gee, doesn't that make it all sound nicely highbrow?) wooden structures, I will eventually start to understand the nature of the medium and make some pretty things.

Okay, the truth is that I need a slide out tray / drawer / thing for under my bed, to store my shoes.  They're getting a little out of hand.  I would go the cheap route of buying plastic boxes, but there is only 6 inches of clearance and no box worth having is that shallow. 

Which means that I have to build one.  And I need to get on building that crawl space door, because my once dry-as-a-bone under-house area now reeks of mildew and rotting dead things.  It will only get worse if I don't replace that door.  

I promise, I've hidden no bodies under there.  Not yet. Low, dark, damp, creepy places are just not my thing.  I'm claustrophobic. 

I've been duly frightened off using power tools by the men of my immediate family, who are sure that I will lose some fingers due to my natural female clumsiness.  Okay, I take it back.  I'm just clumsy, and we all know it.  I'm also accident-prone, and everyone knows that.  The fact that they consider me to be incompetent simply due to my being female is a whole separate issue.  But I'm gonna have to risk getting hurt because I'm the one who has to take care of all the day-to-day repairs around my house.  I don't actually know anybody who would be willing to do any favors for me anyway -- serious compensation is always demanded.  And there is that issue of everyone being so busy all of the time. 

If nobody is going to have confidence in me, I might as well have it myself.

Hey, chivalry is dead.  Not that I was ever a princess.  More like a scullery / chambermaid.  But I still say that knowledge is power, and I know a lot more than I used to.  :)  Mwaahaahaa!  Where's my wand!?!

So as for the warning that I will suffer death by jigsaw, ehhhh... Whatever.  I've gotten nowhere in life from knuckling under to my fears, last night's refusal to dance and sing karaoke being case-in-point.  

Still, I think it would be much less dangerous if I buy myself a Workmate that I can clamp the wood I'm about to cut to.  :D.  I just hear that those things are a devil's puzzle to assemble, most of the time.  

I'm thinking 1x4s for the sides, some smooth plywood (see, I don't even know what it's called -- finish grade??) for the bottom, and some furniture slides for movement (because casters would eat up the height and render it useless).  If I can construct a box out of cardboard, moving up to wood only requires understanding how to measure, cut, and attach the wood, and I might even learn to use a countersink bit on this project.  

Next thing you know, I'll be building flush wall niches between the studs.  

Okayyyy.... That might take a few years..... Im a little skittish about sawing through paneling and hitting WIRE.  

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