Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jaqen H'Ghar Returns?

I've read rumors that Tom Wlaschiha has been in or was headed to Northern Ireland for more time on Game of Thrones. :D 

Oh, I hope so! Since I can't watch any of the German movies he has been in (how in the world can I find them without delving into the world of pirated movies? ) I would like to see him reprise his role as Jaqen.  By far, he has been my favorite character in the series, and I believe he shows up in the books again, though not necessarily using his Jaqen persona.  

But even if I couldn't see his face, I wouldn't mind hearing his voice!  It's just.... I don't know, something about it that has serious appeal for me.  Every once in a while you hear a voice that just goes right through you for one reason or another.  It literally makes your hair stand on end.

Some kind of magic.

One other time I heard a voice like that in voice chat playing World of Warcraft -- we were trying to get some new guild members, and this guy spoke... I don't know what it was about his tone, but it got to me. I wanted to say, "Heyyyy, I know you're not going to join our guild, but could you maybe read the dictionary to me for an hour?"  

Pretty potent stuff.  Makes a lot of sense that Tom Wlaschiha is a voice actor. Smooth tones. :) And speaking five languages is pretty darn impressive. 

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