Monday, October 20, 2014

That Trip to Urgent Care...

By Sunday my migraine hadn't gone away.  Unfortunately, by that time I still couldn't keep anything down and I was in so much pain that I was screaming, wailing, and even twisting large hanks of my hair down to the roots hoping that it would distract the nerves. For a few seconds, it did.

And then the pain came back and I started wishing I had a pistol.  That was when I became desperate to end the pain and checked the local emergency clinic's hours.

I hadn't worn my contacts since I took them out Friday night, so I couldn't see much with any acuity, and the tiniest bit of light hurt me horribly.  What I could see was full of black blobs and purple sparkles though.  I was too dizzy to walk straight, so driving into the sun wasn't going to happen. 

I texted and got no responses so I called and asked my father to take me, which he did.  I wore a cap and my darkest sunglasses and only took them off once.  

There was sunlight.  A lot of sunlight.  I looked hideous anyway, because I had eaten nothing but crackers since Friday night.

I signed in, told about the nausea (which was unusual for me) and sat for an hour in an exam room.  The light kept going off.  Then coming back on...  So I turned it off, because the darkness was a relief, and the nurse who did my vitals did ask if I would like the lights out.  And then the light came back on. Then off again, then on again.

I'll admit that at the time I entertained the possibility that my exploding brain was turning the light on and off.  

Finally the doctor came in and was horrified I haven't tried anything stronger than Tylenol in recent years.  She was also concerned that my regular doctor never was concerned enough to send me for an MRI of my brain.  (Gee, he seems to love racking up fees for complaint less tests!) She had me get a shot of Toredal and Phenergan, and though my butt was stinging ridiculously from the alcohol, I was relieved that maybe the pain would go away sometime soon.  


Well, it wasn't instant.  (Nice wish though.)

The doctor said the light went off because there was no movement in the room.  But what about when it came back on and I still hadn't moved, hmm?  Weird.

So I was given a prescription for Imitrex, and told that if I burn through it before the end of the month, to come back and she would double the dosage.  I hope it works.  

In the meantime, I went home and went to bed, and experienced multiple people pinging me on facebook, calling me, and texting me.  :D Thanks for caring, but now it's Sleepytime, ya know? Loooooveyouuuuuuugbyeeeeee....

I slept the rest of the day, but even when I woke up very late at night, I could still feel my headache gnawing, trying to hit again full force.  I was dizzy all day and felt kinda like the shot was still affecting me, but it was great to have some relief finally. :)

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