Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bring Back The Sunnnnn......

Not that I'm a sun-worshipper, but the lack of light in the winter really messes with me.  I'm seriously beginning to consider a tanning bed. Not for the tan, just for the warmth and light. Yikes, I'm dyin' here!

Fact check:  I'm exhausted.  So I'm going to start juicing again.  I was convinced that I wasn't getting enough protein, so I should quit juicing, and now I've regained the 20 pounds I lost and I'm tired all over again.

Something tells me this isn't purely a nutritional issue. Hmm, ya think?  Lol. I'm sure it's a combination of factors nutritional, emotional, hormonal, but especially environmental. They're all twisted together to make sure I turn into a slug, though.  

At least I accomplished something this weekend, and that should placate me.  I completed a lovely reddish brown buttoned shawl yesterday (because I'm an Outlander fan), and matching boot cuffs (bowing to a current trend) today.  I could go on and make matching arm warmers, headband, belt, and any number of matching accessories, but I won't, because that would be ridiculous.  So, I have a new outfit to wear to work tomorrow.  Yay me.  

I'm thinking about buying some chia seeds, to see if they really are a good energy-boosting protein.  I've been so dog-tired lately.  Part of that is a lack of fresh green vegetables, and part is my lack of appetite.  Oh, and my ever-present dehydration.  I just hate water.  Chia seeds will cause me to take in more water and maybe make my tummy act more normal.  Maybe. It might just be too out of whack permanently.  

Chia seeds in water should be fun at work, if I tell the kids I'm drinking frog eggs.  Why not?  They already think I'm a witch.  :). I wish I could think of a way to mess with their heads, just ever so slightly, and then they can have a good laugh about it later.  But I'm sure someone would be so offended I'd be fired one day and burned at the stake on my front lawn the next.  Yup.  That's my hometown.  Full of redneck superstitious types with no sense of humor.  

I'll admit that after this many decades as a teacher, I'm running low on sparkle for the kiddies.  I wish I wasn't.  Maybe chia seeds and green juice will make me sparkle!  ...probably more like my colon will sparkle after a few rounds, Ha ha ha. Okay, sorry, that's gross, but likely true.

I remember being on my first juice fast and having ridiculous amounts of energy, so I probably should put it back in to at least supplement my diet.  Reasons I quit: I had a hard time staying warm last winter after losing the weight, and my juicer kept spraying the kitchen from leaky sides.  Well, I'll just have to put on warmer clothes and fix those leaks with some Sugru.  I don't sell or advertise for them, but I love all the things I've been able to do with that stuff so far.

I don't have any energy for the gym lately, but I have been going to physical therapy for my hip again, to get my hip capsule limbered up and stretched out.  Normally having my legs pulled out of the socket doesn't bother me, but the last couple of times my brain has done this really inappropriate allusion to Fifty Shades of Grey.  I'm lying on a table, holding myself still with my arms, and there's someone tying straps around my leg and pulling until the femur slides out of the socket.  Then I start thinking about that book, and I forget to keep my hip relaxed because I'm having a thought I can't even understand having.  I'm not attracted to my professional leg-pullers! What's up with that?  It's like giggling in  church during a funeral. So wrong. 

 *giggle* See? There I go.  And yes, I'm going to see the movie next month, because it'll be my birthday. :D No qualms about that here.  

Last week I had them bump up the voltage on the electric shocks they give me, which was a mistake.  It was too high.  My leg was doing a gruesome hanged-man's ballet (I've got video!), and it felt like the electrodes were burning my skin.  So much for me being tough.  I'm still not sure I understand the point of that technique, as it never feels good to me, and apparently it's supposed to. I'm figured that if the shocks were beneficial, it would be more beneficial to raise the shocks to the most I could tolerate, right?  

Don't think any of this is their fault. I could have yelled for help to turn it down, but I was beyond embarrassed by then.  Let me put it this way: I'm sure I could survive being shocked with a car battery, but I'm never gonna boastfully say that I can take it!  Don't mind me, I'm just gonna fade into the background.  We mages know to stay in the rear with the gear.  Lol

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