Thursday, January 1, 2015

Grand Plans for the Year

I don't do resolutions. :). But there are some things I'm going to work on.

Decluttering... Well, that's something everyone needs to do.  I put out five bags of garbage the other day and it felt great.  It'll probably take me all year, but I want to clear out and tidy up a lot of things.... Starting with my studio.  

I want to do more painting at home this year.  I've had a loss of confidence lately -- most likely because I want perfection in what I do and some techniques just aren't easy for a beginning oil painter to accomplish.  I don't know what questions to ask.  Maybe I should paint a few simple landscapes and then I won't feel like I haven't successfully painted in forever.  

I finally found an easel for home. :) A lucky flea market purchase for $7, it has an expandable canvas holder, and it snaps into a storage case.  Perfect for me, for now.  

I'll do more acrylic painting too, and craft projects with that paint because it's getting old and needs to be either used or replaced.  Fortunately, the new Jo-Ann store has all the paint I could want... As long as I don't want any kind of oils.  Ha ha ha.  

More woodworking, because I just bought a workbench and I still need a few organizational projects for the house.  (Definitely a couple more underbed drawers!  The two I've made so far have been crazy helpful in keeping up with my shoes -- and seeing that I need to get rid of some). I've also still got a bit of pegboard yet to hang.  

Some of that is destined for the kitchen, which needs to be painted completely white. Or beige. Just some light color since I hated that butter yellow, after all.  I think white would completely change the feel of my depressing kitchen.  I've already started replacing the pathetic compact fluorescents with led lights.  The CFs have been a horrible ripoff -- they don't last two years, let alone 7.

I'm going to let a lot of people go in my life. They haven't been there for me, so I might as well cut the ties.  You know?  Expect little, and you won't be disappointed.  That goes especially when you're looking to friends for a little emotional backup.  Oh, and they aren't there, so you fall off the cliff.  Backwards. Reaching helplessly at empty air.  Bye bye. 

I'll probably do a lot more clothing and vinyl designs. I have a few unique ideas I'm going to try.  I think they'll look nice.  :). I'm still going to sell designs on clothing, if anyone is interested.  I did buy a brand new cutting machine, after all, and it wasn't cheap.  But now I can import designs that aren't on cartridges, and basically any graphics I can get on my computer or freehand, I'll be able to cut out.  

I did have some people interested in buying things, but we seemed to have come to a misunderstanding.  It seems like they thought I'd give them the clothes for free.  I suppose it's easy to assume that God just dropped a bunch of blank shirts, vinyl, and a machine in my lap, but the truth is, I had to pay for that stuff myself, and I do not buy cheap garments to sell to people. I buy the decent quality things that won't shrink in the wash or pill and fade.  I also pre-wash and test wash three times my items to make sure the designs will never peel off in the wash.  

Maybe I should have told them just what little profit I'll make on a multi-colored shirt design.  $18+ for a hoodie, several dollars for vinyl, cost of the design if I had to purchase it, and cost for the machine... I'm still coming up a couple hundred dollars short on my end so $30 for a custom sweatshirt really is a good price. :). Sorry, I can't do cheap work, and I'm already a charity case, so I can't give new clothes away.  

I might just make a bunch of fun stuff for myself.... And that's ok.  I'll have cute stuff for every holiday and mood and I'll have scratched my creative itch satisfyingly.   I've got one person wanting vinyl business decals on his vehicle, and that'll help too.  And then there are my kitchen cabinets... I'll be stenciling those after they're painted whitish / beigeish.  I have classroom stuff that could use decoration.  All sorts of things at home that could use sprucing up. :). It'll be fine.  

Ooh! I've been planning to customize my luggage.... Maybe I'll monogram it...hmm. And some custom luggage tags would be nice too.  I've been thinking about making a combination luggage tag and mini travel sewing kit.  Might need to add some sewing projects to that list for the year. :). I don't know what I'll do with the practice pieces, though.  Some of the handmade gifts I gave this year were scorned, it seems.  I guess I'll save myself the trouble in the future. 

I'm going to do a lot more freezer prepping for meals to go in my slow cooker and repeatable breakfasts. More juicing and more gym time.  After I finish my second round of physical therapy for my hip in a year, I'm just going to stop trying to alleviate the nerve pain. I hurt everyday anyway, have for over a decade, and nobody cares but me.  Nothing for me to do but pretend it's normal, right?  

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