Saturday, January 3, 2015

Things I Learned in Wales

1.  Wales is wild and gorgeous, once you leave Holyhead.  Our tour guide told us, once we got on the bus at the port, that we were looking at the most beautiful sight in all of Holyhead.... The road OUT of Holyhead!  Lol

2.  Wales is awesomely full of King Arthur legends, especially Llangollen. (Pronounced something like clang-OCK-lan.)

3.  Llangollen closes early!  Like, the whole town!  But it's beautiful and charming to walk around town, because of the old buildings and that white-water river overlooked by King Arthur's supposed fortress on the hill above town, where the Holy Grail is supposedly buried and guarded by possibly a dragon.  Ohh my, I want to back there more each day.

4. The Welsh accent is beautifully sing-songy, but their language makes no logical sense in pronunciation for English speakers.  :). They're lovely people and they speak English too, thankfully.

5.  Always have tissue in your pocket, because there probably won't be any in the park bathroom at Beaumaris Castle on the Isle of Anglesey, which is breathtakingly beautiful, even in the afternoon when all of the boats in the bay are dry docked by the tide.

6.  The Welsh can make a shredded cheese sandwich substantial and delicious.

7.  One day isn't enough to see enough of Wales.  It's ruggedly gorgeous, and too lovely to only see through the window of a motorcoach as you're passing by the natural beauty.

8.  Don't worry about your hotel being haunted. You'll be too tired to notice any ghosts, especially after a lovely half-pint of Guiness.

9.  Welsh meals are as substantial as Irish ones.  They believe in a good breakfast. It's a beautiful thing.

10.  Coffee is your friend.  So is water.  So is a Cool-Max blanket on the bus.  

11. Beaumaris Castle was never finished. It seems the soldiers had to be sent north by Edward the Longshanks to deal with some Scottish rebels. (William Wallace and company.). It's unfinished, but you can still go all through it and climb to the top.  The view is impressive.

12.  Watch out for the Anglesey seabirds.  They have killer aim.

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