Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Little Vinyl Worry

Someone wants me to make them a Valentine's Day  shirt with my Cricut.  Yay! I'm thrilled for the chance to make a small step in paying for my new Cricut Explore. :) Maybe also to help with my recently inflated living expenses, which have resulted in a $100 a month pay cut with no hope of ever having a pay raise.  So I need to do some work on the side.


You might notice that Friday is likely the deadline for wearing a Valentine's themed shirt at work.  And she hasn't brought me the shirt yet.  When she does, I'll have to prewash it to make sure there is no sizing on the fabric.  Not a problem, except that I don't like to run my dryer for one item of clothing to dry.  I suppose I'll have to, in order to make this shirt happen.  

Now if I actually could afford shop space, I'd probably have a full range of vinyl and glitter vinyl at my elbow in any color anybody could want, but I'm going to have to order it on the off-chance that I will psychically choose the color she would like for me to use.  :). 

Don't misunderstand -- I LOVE the idea of having all those colors handy -- it's just not financially feasible to have thousands of dollars in vinyl sitting around, hoping someone will hire me. :) 

I don't mind ordering the colors needed, as long as the client doesn't mind waiting on the correct color of vinyl to arrive from the other side of the country.  And what if she changes her mind after I've paid for this vinyl?  That's happened before. Hm.  Well, I guess I'll just have to take that chance and then make myself a shirt instead. I haven't made myself a monogram yet, after all.  

I've been running through some ideas for combining vinyl monograms and fabric on my existing plain sweatshirts, to make them dressier for everyday wear.  I'd just like to have something different from the ultra-trendy stuff everyone else is already wearing.  

I have the skill.... I've just gotta have the will.  And maybe the contacts, because getting started in an ultra-small side business is difficult. So far it's been all expenses.  

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