Sunday, March 29, 2015

Doing Sew Sew

I don't know if I've found a solution for my pain problem, but maybe it's a coincidence that after taking Imitrex and Zzzquil, an ice-pack night, getting an incredibly painful machine-assisted massage (seriously, my back, neck, and shoulders seemed to be covered in tender points that day and I almost cried when they were touched), and a new pillow, the next day I was pain free, like I hadn't been in excruciating pain for weeks.  

A decent pillow, standard-sized so that the support inside doesn't squish out to the ends.  It's like I went to Diagon Alley and purchased the Pillow of Painless Slumber.  For $8.  Maybe I need to replace my pillows a couple of times a year. I don't know for sure but I'm going to have serious guilt about doing that because it feels like a huge increase in my carbon footprint. 

I've been spending a while again on, inspired by her refashions and wondering why I can't do the same.  Oh yes.  I remember now.  She's a size zero and pear shaped.  I'm... Well, let's just say I'm a couple sizes bigger than Marilyn Monroe and I'm an hourglass too.  And I don't have a Goodwill Distribution Center (or store) nearby.  I'd need clothes bigger than myself to cut down.  Meh.

I need to finish my knit skirt, which only lacks its waistband and elastic, but I'm scared to finish it and become deeply disappointed when I try it on.  I hemmed for hours yesterday.  I came to the conclusions that some of their instructions were absolutely wrong, which means the pleats for my skirt will be on the wrong side.  

Oh well, my pencil skirt pattern came yesterday and I suppose I can try it out just for laughs.  

I just know it won't look good when I'm finished, and I'll have wasted a lot of money when I finish.  I can sew just fine -- no problem with that skill.  It's just that my body is all wrong these days for anything less than a muumuu, and you can just add that to the list of reasons I'm not pulling out of this round of depression.  

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