Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 2

Warm lemon water
Half a quart Mean Green
quart Mean Green + pineapple (I used zucchini in it, which gave it an unpleasant peppery taste.)
Half a quart strawberry juice
Oh, ok, I had some waffle fries from Chik-Fil-A.  Couldn't handle my boyfriend eating them in front of me. 

A little bit headachy... Probably all the crying I did yesterday and last night.  I probably shouldn't have watched the video of the dog who follows his beloved owner to the hospital after a stroke, where the man dies, but the dog rejoices after a woman is wheeled out with his former owner's heart inside her... Ah... Cheap shot.  

It's like telling someone the plot of Snoopy, Come Home after all these years. Niagara  Falls.  Just can't do it.  

Good news: my ankle and foot hurt a little less today, though my neck and shoulder are trying to tighten back up in me.  I feel like I was in a car accident.

Down since last weigh-in: 1
Pounds lost this week: 3
Total pounds lost: 3

Not bad. 

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