Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Le Comte Saint-Germaine, Is That You?

Ah the mysteries of the world... And the attempts of a pathological liar to make himself seem mysterious.  Let me preface this by saying the idea greatly amuses me.  One could almost be flattered at the possibilities of motivation for this caliber of sophistry.

I've known about St. Germaine since I was 12, when he was merely the vampire hero of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Hotel Transylvania and battling pathetic wannabe satanists, seducing the ladies of the court all the while.  

However, beyond a History Channel feature and the mentions of St. Germaine in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, I didn't give him much further thought.  

Until today, when I came across another article about the mythical immortal man, and discovered his claim about parentage.  Which, incidentally, completely overlaps the heroically romanticized tale my pathologically tale-telling former friend provided, right down to the name, though given a slight twist for authentic flavor.  

Like a sliver of lemon zest.  How bright and refreshing.

Ah ha ha! Oh, you nearly got me there!  It did sound believable, though I still didn't trust it after so many blatant lies.  But thanks for the laughs.  It was amusing when I found the dash of St. Germaine in there.  

Truly, with such great storytelling creativity, why not turn your talents to writing fiction? If you're a success, you could always become a wealthy man and have a viable excuse for such curmudgeonly coldheartedness -- asset protection.  

Yeah, he's about as close to royalty as I am, and I share ancestors with lots of British highborn myself, including royalty, which means I just have an amusing family tree. As many do.  We're all related in some way.  Even those liars claiming kinship to the Hungarian royal family.  

Ah, this is the only picture I could find on the net of the cover that I remember for this book.  I apologize that it is such low resolution, but you probably understand why it appealed to me in my early teens, while I wished earnestly for the Interview With the Vampire sequel that I didn't know was in the works.

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